Democracy needs to address people’s problems : Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi

The present condition of political instability and creeping chaos in the body politic is a reminder of the structural problems so-called democratic system is confronted in the country. As long as our institutions do not work in their constitutional ambit, learn to co-exist and put the welfare and interest of masses on the top, the system would remain vulnerable to the unknown dangers.

These views were expressed by Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi, Secretary General of Minhaj-ul-Quran International, during his meeting with the Pakistani expatriate community in London. He said that the political class needs to set their own house in order. Despite return of democratic government, people have continued to suffer under its burden. It is unfortunate that both democracy and authoritarianism were two sides of the same coin as both served to protect the vested interests of the privileged classes. He said that unless democracy brought about change in people’s lives, it would remain a weak entity.

He also appreciated the contribution of overseas Pakistani, specially living in Britain for their generous donations towards emergency aid for victims of flood. He said that now there is a big challenge ahead for rehabilitation of victims and re constructing the infrastructure. He briefed the meeting about the contribution of MWF in detail and explained the future plan of MWF for construction of house, schools and mosque in flood affected areas.



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