Ptv Prime

  1. Irfan ul Quran
    The elder son of Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri and president supreme council of MQI, Hassan Mohai Uddin Qadri will be delivering lecture on PTV Prime every day in which selected Ayat from each Para will be explained.

  2. Asma ul Husna
    Sahibzada Farhat Hussain Shah
    Nazim Tarbiat, Tehreek e Minhaj ul Quran
    Every day 25 minutes programe in which the names of Allah will be described.

  3. Roza (Fast)
    Allama Rana Muhammad Idress
    Nazim Dawat, Tehreek e Minhaj ul Quran
    Every day before opening of fast, He will speak on topics related to Fast.

  4. Rehmatun lil Alameen
    Sahibzada Zaheer Ahmad Naqshbandi
    Naib Nazim Dawat, Tehreek e Minhaj ul Quran
    Speech on the Seerah of Holy Prophet (SAW)

  5. Azan
    Qari Allah Bakhsh Naqsbandi

  6. Naat on Ptv and Geo
    Muhammad Afzal Nushai
    Mian Sarwar Siddique

More details are coming soon...



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