The Dawn News: Dr Qadri and electoral reforms

From the Newspaper | 11 hours ago

IT was asserted by Dr Tahirul Qadri that his petition for the reconstitution of the ECP will not affect the elections process.

Political forces have called it a deliberate attempt to delay the elections. They ignored the Constitution’s Articles 213 and 218 of forming the ECP.

At the time of forming it, they blindly violated the Constitution which has the complete process of forming the ECP.

It is the same ECP which initially didn’t comply with the Supreme Court’s decision in letter and in spirit of providing armed personnel of the army to the ECP staff for voters’ verification. It kept on pondering over it and finally deputed army personnel with ECP officials only when more than half of the work was already done.

One must not blame the right people for making the right decision for free and fair ECP.



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