1. THE MINHAJ UNIVERSITY (Established 1984)
  2. College of Shariah & Islamic Studies (COSIS) Established 1984 (Recognized by UGC Pakistan)
  3. Minhaj Institute of Correspondence
    (A Distance Learning Program of TMU)
  4. Minhaj College of Computer Sciences
  5. Minhaj College of Business Administration
  6. Minhaj College of Commerce
  7. Minhaj College of Modern Languages
  8. Minhaj College for Women
    (A Postgraduate Level Institute for Women)


Lack of adequate educational facilities and a proper educational system has victimized our social structure, creating great moral and social problems for the masses. Our educational system does not meet the requirements of our society and the demands of the rapidly changing educational scenario globally.

We must realize that our social, moral and cultural values have deteriorated during the past five decades. The standard of education has suffered greatly and the need to promote a better Mass Educational System is rising with passage of time!

Minhaj-ul-Quran International is fully alive to the gravity of this situation, and keeping in view the existing educational problems, MSWHRS has scanned and developed economic sources, generating funds for its Mass Education Project.

We believe that it is the social and national responsibility of The Minhaj University and Minhaj Education Society, to implement positive educational projects for mass education!