Directorate of Foreign Affairs (DFA)

Minhaj-ul-Quran International`s (MQI) foreign network is amongst the largest in the world. Educational institutions that offer a wide variety of courses, libraries, social welfare and crisis centers, study circles, welfare societies that provide aid to poor third world countries, student sponsorship programs, catering for the religious needs like prayer facilities, Quranic and Islamic education for children and adults and inter and intra religious dialogue forums are just some of the projects and activities that MQI is running in 81 countries around the world. MQI sister organizations that include Muslim Youth League, Women Youth League, Women League, Minhaj Social Welfare and Human Rights Society, Minhaj Council of Academicians, Minhaj Scholars Forum are all contributing in the social, religious, moral, cultural and economical uplift of their respective countries.

All country organizations work independently under their own constitutions, own goals and set of activities that each individual country deems fit as per their country requirements. The common goal of all organizations and sister organizations being to create peace, tolerance and mutual understanding between all ethnicities, cultures and religions and working for social welfare, human rights and establishment of true democracy, as the true spirit of Islam preaches.


  • To promote the ideologies and interests of IMQ abroad-
  • Internally in Pakistan, to promote IMQ and through diplomatic interaction with the foreign missions in Pakistan- Regular meetings and briefings will be held to highlight IMQ’s contribution to Pakistan’s development in general.
  • To develop and enhance cordial ties and working relationships with various educational, religious, cultural, social, academic and welfare organizations/universities abroad.

Did you know?

  • The official timings of DFA are 0830-2200 hours everyday including Sundays!!
  • The DFA office is one of the most popular visiting places among foreign and local guests.
  • The IMQ began its operations in Mongolia, Cyprus and Finland in 2001.
  • The present director was only 25 years old when he took charge.
  • Previous directors include Tahir Sarwar, Major(r) Anvaar ul Hussien Alvi, Ghulam Mustafa Malik, Allama Sadiq Qureshi and Colonel(r) Fazl-e-Ameem.