Muslim Youth League (MYL)

Nature has never been indifferent to man. It serves as an affectionate guide for him like a mother. All its principles and laws are in the ultimate benefit of man. If man goes against or even intends to violate them, it does play its role to prevent him in all possible ways. It even arouses love and fear in man. A religion is nothing but a collection of Divine rules and principles of Nature. All our socio-economic unrest and disparities are a result of deviation from the Divine path. Those who develop a mature and strong liaison with nature, enjoy it in its prettiest sense and those are, undoubtedly, the great minds.

The present state of unrest is the logical result of the deviation of man from the path of Nature. “Peace” to humanity can be restored by bridging the gap between “Man” and “ Nature” through religion. a constellation of principles of Nature.
Religion is the embodiment of Nature; and Islam (Peace) is the most refined version of it.

Islam is the symbol of peace, humanity and unity. It boldly condemns extremism, fanaticism and terrorism. It is the strongest supporter and promoter of modernism, liberalism, democracy, tolerance, cultural & interfaith harmony and scientific research. It is moderate, humble, sublime and peace loving in disposition. It precisely defines and strongly protects all aspects of human rights including women rights, children rights, minority rights, labour rights, cultural rights, behavioral rights and freedom of expression. These are the hallmarks of the very philosophy of Islam as elaborated by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in his last address, which is now recognized as the first “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” in the entire history of mankind.

Minhaj-ul-Quran Youth League (MYL); known as Muslim Youth League outside Pakistan, is the platform for the Youth which is based on the aforementioned democratic and revolutionary philosophy of Islam. It was founded by an eminent scholar, thinker and politician; Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri.
The organizational set-up of “MYL” is widely spread throughout the length and breadth of Pakistan and also in over eighty countries of the world.

Aims and Objectives

Spread of love for the Prophet (PBUH) aimed at revolutionizing the character and life-pattern of the Youth.

  1. An effective arrangement for the moral, spiritual and ideological education and training of the Youth aimed at enabling them to serve the humanity in their earnest.
  2. Provision of opportunities to equip the youth with modern education and knowledge in order to satisfy their spiritual thirst.
  3. The evolution of a result-oriented mechanism aimed at reforming all the ills at individual and collective levels to make arrangement for leading a life in accordance with the moral values and Islamic teachings.
  4. The uncompromising struggle against the exploitative and imperialist forces for the socio-economic uplift of the humanity specially youth.
  5. Promotion of tolerance and dialogue among various religions and civilizations with a view to establish global peace and unity.
  6. The provision of healthy entertainment aimed at keeping the Youth away from crimes and drugs.
  7. Spread of political awareness and generate intellectual maturity among the Youth with a view to safeguard the ideological frontiers.
  8. Acceleration of the literacy rate by establishing Educational Centers.
  9. Preaching and promoting spiritual uplift and spreading the word of truth.
  10. Collective efforts to eliminate the menace of terrorism and extremism and espouse the cause of human rights without any distinction of gender, race, creed, colour, and religion.
  11. Last but not least we believe in turning the youth into responsible and mature members of society, thus throwing up a leadership, who has the potential of spearheading the nation in keeping with international imperatives.

How to join?

If you are under the age of 33 and want to render your services for the uplift of the nation and the humanity, the doors of MYL are open for you. Following are the three levels for joining MYL on a prescribed membership form.

The membership fee for “Rukniyat” is RS. 10 per month or one hundred and twenty rupees per annum.

The one seeking the “Rafaqat” of MYL pays twenty-five rupees on a monthly basis and the Magazine “Minhaj-ul-Quran” is sent to him.

Life Membership
The youth seeking the life membership of MYL pays five hundred rupees on a lump sum basis and a certificate duly signed by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri is sent to them.

Finances of MYL are generated through self-supportive schemes. Members of MYL pay their monthly/Yearly subscription by which routine expenditures are managed.

Council of Youth Seniors (CYS)

Those youth, who have served MYL in various important capacities, are still associated with it. The arrangement accommodating them is Council of Youth Seniors (CYS), which is designed to serve as a guide of MYL and think-tank body for other forums of the Tehreek.

The induction of the individuals in any organization or movement and then departure from it after a definite span of time is a natural process. Sometimes those leaving their responsibilities cannot maintain their contact with the organization due to certain compulsions. If a specific mechanism is evolved aimed at including these people in the structure, it not only elevates them at ideological and emotional planes but also enables them to support it either with resources or time. Moreover these people are in the position to undertake such mammoth tasks due to their experiences and maturity, which may be very difficult for the junior workers to perform.

Keeping this fact in mind, Minhaj-ul-Quran Youth League (MYL) and Mustafavi Students Movement (MSM) have collectively decided to establish a forum in the name of Council of Youth Seniors (CYS), which will provide opportunities to activate those ex-office holders whose services are a mark of distinction for the Movement and organization.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To produce leadership and effective manpower for different forums and departments of the Movement.
  2. To prepare the seniors of Youth and MSM to play an effective role in the different forums of the Movement.
  3. To strengthen the emotional and intellectual commitment of the seniors with the organization.
  4. To establish think tanks for the various forums of the Movement.

Scope and targets

The council of youth seniors would set its targets from time to time, which will be related with the following areas.

It relates to those targets through which the message of the Movement should be carried on. For example, to convey it to the technocrats and people in high positions.

Such targets which are aimed at supporting various forums in the organizational structure through the production of experienced and competent people.

Such targets which are supportive for the smooth running of the training mechanism of the Youth Wing.

Such targets which focus on the growth of the ideology of the Movement.

Such targets aimed at facilitating the individuals in the organizational matters or in their personal matters such as career counseling etc.

The Council of Youth Seniors would play a consultative role at the request of the youth wing. The meetings for consultation and analysis would be held from time to time along with the provision of guidance on working papers of the Youth Wing. The council would also be responsible for organizing the outgoing leadership of the youth wing.

Formation and Organization

  • The status of the Council of Youth Seniors would be equivalent to the directorate of the Movement.
  • The Council will be established at the Central level (Markaz)
  • The Council of Youth Seniors would have a Central Executive (CE) at the central level which would be comprised of at least 20 and at most 30 persons. This CE would be responsible for the organization of the Youth Seniors and would spell out the targets of the Council.
  • The principles underlying the nomination of the members of the Council would be the level of responsibility, services for the Movement and educational standard etc.
  • Those individuals meeting this criterion would be required to submit an application form for membership of the council which would be subject to rejection or approval by the registration committee.

Shaykh-ul-Islam and the registration committee would also have the authority to nominate the suitable persons for the membership.

Conditions for registration:

Following principles would be taken into account for the registration of the council.

  • The person must have been office holder/member executive council of the MSM or MYL for a session/year at central or provincial level. Or he should have been the office holder at the university/professional college level for the same period or he should have been a member of youth/MSM provided he has a special distinction in any walk of life.
  • He should be no more than 45 years old.
  • He should have consistent adherence to the ideology.
  • The registration fee would be Rs.1000/= only.

The registration committee would be fully authorized and take decisions unanimously. In the absence of any consensus, it would put forward the case before the executive of the council. The ratification of the members would take place in the monthly meeting of the executive of the council.