Sayyedina Pir Muhammad Zia-ud-Din al-Gillani Visit of Farghana

Reported by: Waqas Amin
(Student of the Farghana Institute)

An enlightening gathering of remembrance was held for Qudwaht-ul-Auliah Shaykh-ul-Mashaikh Qutb-ul-ٍAlam Sayyedina Tahir ٍAla-ud-Din al-Gillani al-Baghdadi (RA) at the Farghana Institute, Manchester, on the 7th June 2007. This gathering was further illuminated by the presence of Sayyedina Muhammad Zia-ud-Din al-Gillani, who is the son of Sayyedina Tahir ٍAla-ud-Din al-Gillani al-Baghdadi (RA). The honored guest is from amongst the descendents of the celebrated saint Ghawth-ul-Aٍzam Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Gillani al-Baghdadi (RA), the founder of the Qadiriah Tariqah. There were many participants in this gathering; some of the participants came from Holland.

This excellent event was initiated with a ritual recitation from the Holy Qurٍan by a young brother Waqas Hussain. When Sayyedina Muhammad Zia-ud-Din arrived a welcome address was delivered by the Principle of Farghana, Shaykh Muhammad Ramadan Qadri, who mentioned that Minhaj-ul-Quran was a blessing from amongst the many blessings of Sayyedina Ghawth-ul-Aٍzam Shaykh ٍAbd-ul-Qadir al-Gillani al-Baghdadi (RA). He further commented that Sayyedina Muhammad Zia-ud-Din was welcomed to his own home. After this Shaykh Sohail Siddique, the vice-principle of Farghana, discussed various aspects from the life of Sayyedina Tahir ٍAla-ud-Din al-Gillani al-Baghdadi (RA) giving a brief introduction for the audience in the English language. This was then followed by a series of poems of praise on the blessed personality of Holy Prophet (s). After this introduction a lecture was delivered by a khalifah of Sayyedina Tahir ٍAla-ud-Din al-Gillani al-Baghdadi (RA), Sayyed Khalid Ali Tahiri.

During his lecture he talked about the saintly life led by Sayyedina Tahir ٍAla-ud-Din al-Gillani al-Baghdadi (RA). He discussed how his eminence would perform the night prayers from a tender age of seven, continuing it as a practice till the end of his life. He mentioned the link a shaykh should have with his disciple, whilst providing anecdotes from the life of the spiritual master himself. By the end of the lecture the audiences were provided with a rare account which was new even to those who knew the Shaykh for many years; whilst those who didnٍt know the shaykh were endowed with an excellent account of his life.

The gathering ended with a Khatm-e-Ghausia recitation and Dhikr. With a final Duٍa by Sayyedina Muhammad Zia-ud-Din al-Gillani al-Baghdadi who prayed for Farghana Institute, its development and success. Sayyedina Muhammad Zia-ud-Din was presented a Mus-haf of the Holy Qurٍan, with a wooden covering and written in the Uthmani script. Then the Maghrib prayer was offered followed by a three-course meal. After the event whilst food was being served, Sayyedina Muhammad Zia-ud-Din gave special words of advice to the students of Farghana Institute as well as praying for them. He told the students to love everyone even though it may be oneٍs enemy, which is the essence of Sufism. He advised the students to endeavor and to use their full potential; because a person can only achieve what Allah (swt) wills for him. Therefore, one should struggle to achieve what they can and leave the rest to Him (s).