Halting water an act of undeclared war by India: Dr Raheeq Abbasi

Nazim-e-Ala Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi has expressed his deep concern over the construction of Baghliar dam by India on the Chanab River. He has dubbed it an open violation of international laws and provision of Indus water treaty, urging the Pakistani government to take note of the issue and record its protest at the international level. He asked the government to undertake diplomatic offensive at the UN in a bid to increase diplomatic pressure on India.

He expressed these views while meeting a delegation of engineers who called on him yesterday. He said India had started an undeclared war against Pakistan by halting water which fell to Pakistan’s share under the Indus Water Basin Treaty struck in 1960. This step would be instrumental in destroying agriculture in Pakistan with the result that national defence would also weaken due to shortage of water in strategic canals. Dr Abbasi said the expansionist designs of India were a threat to peace and order in the region. Therefore, the international community should take a strong exception to this instance of Indian obduracy.

Expressing his deep concern on power outages and load-shedding, Dr Abbasi urged upon the government to take emergency measures on war footing basis for redressal of issue as it concerns the livelihood of millions of people. In case of failure of government on this count, millions of people would lose their employment in Pakistan.