Dr Raheeq Abbasi briefs CEC of MQI after participation in APC

After his participation in the All Parties Conference (APC) convened by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nazim-e-Ala Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi said in his briefing to the Central Executive Council (CEC) that the spirit of unity displayed by the leaders of various religious and political parties was commendable and it was perhaps for the first time in the national history that all political and religious parties demonstrated rare unanimity of views on vital national security issue facing Pakistan in the wake of the Mumbai terror attacks. He said it was a message for the anti-Pakistan forces that they would find Pakistani people and leaders united if they dared attack its territory in their misplaced arrogance. Dr Abbasi said the Prime Minister listened to viewpoint of every party attentively and with open mind. He also appreciated the PM for convening such a conference on an important issue. Dr Abbasi said that Pakistani nation vehemently condemned the terror attacks in India but the latter’s proclivity to blame it on Pakistan without any solid proof was violation of international laws and morality.

He said it was customary for the Indian leadership to blame Pakistan for its own failure. The attacks on the Indian Parliament Building and Samghota Express were cases in point, which proved to be ultimately false. He said sixteen different separatist movements were under way in India. He said this jingoistic attitude of the Indian government could endanger the world and regional peace. He asked the Pakistani government to launch counter diplomatic offensive in order to project Pakistan’s viewpoint across the globe. Delegations of diplomats, ministers and representatives of religious and political parties should be sent to expose Indian propaganda against Pakistan.