Mr Riaz Gujjar (President, Taif Tanzeem, KSA) 's mother passes away

With great shock, we received the sad news of the death of hon. mother of Mr. Riaz Gujjar, President, Taif Tanzeem, KSA. Inna Lillaha Wa Inna Elaihay Rajeoon..(Al Quran). Allah has created all the human being and all will return to Him as per the given time.

There is no alternative of parents. The house remain full of blessings of Allah Subhanahoo Ta'ala with the presence of parents. They always do the best for their children in any situation, whether they are young or old, their prayer is always for the children. They are so precious that there is no alternative or substitute in this world. Loss of one or both's lives is a great loss and a loss which could not be repaired. Mother's heart remains full of spiritual blessings and she always shower on her children the others near to her. Bro. Gujjar, the loss of hon. mother is a great loss which could not be repaired nor it be compensated. Suffering is too much, someone who lacks blessings of mother could imagine the bulk sufferings.

We, at MQI KSA are grieved and share the sad moments with you at this juncture of life. May Allah Subhanahoo Ta'ala shower His full blessings upon your mother & other who died and gone to Him. May Allah Almighty bless you courage & patience to bear this great loss of your beloved mother. May Allah bless her soul at Jannatul Firdoos and place her at moqaam-e-oola with the Shifaat-e-kubra of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafaq SAW. Please be patient and ask other to be patient and accept the Will of Allah Subhanahoo Ta'aala. This is cycle of life and everyone has to go sooner or later.