Resolution of Gaza Conference

Gaza Conference has been held today on January 25, 2009 under the banner of Minhaj-ul-Quran International and Minhaj Welfare Foundation in which Palestinian Ambassador to Pakistan, H.E. Mr. Jaser Ahmad, graced the occasion as the guest of honour. Leaders of different political, religious and welfare organizations, and representatives of students, lawyers, teachers and traders participated,.

After thorough deliberations, the participants of the conference representing cross-section of the Pakistan opinion has expressed consensus over the following points:

  1. By attacking Gaza, Israel violated international laws and conventions and perpetrated state terrorism. The participants of conference jointly condemn this Israeli action.
  2. The participants also condemn the indifference and passivity of the international powers over the Israeli aggression and atrocities. They also regret the inaction of the United Nations Organizations over its failure to deal with Israel.
  3. Participants also regret the failure and helplessness of OIC, Arab League and the governments in over 56 Muslim countries to rein in Israeli barbarism and regard it as a matter of shame.
  4. The conference also demand of the Muslim countries in general and the Arab League in particular to take all possible steps for immediate rehabilitation and reconstruction of the Ghaza victims;
  5. The conference demand of the government of Egypt to open up its borders for relief operations so that the welfare organizations could be able to play their role in the rehabilitation and relief of those affected in Ghaza;
  6. The participants also express their firm resolve to play their role at their respective organizational levels for relief and rehabilitation of the people of Ghaza;
  7. The conference also demanded of the Government of Pakistan to provide facility for transportation of food, clothes, medicine and doctors including relief goods for emergency support of the Palestinian. It also demanded of the government to establish a fund by the name of "Ghaza Fund" and urge the top government leaders, members of National and provincial legislatures and Senate to donate generously in this fund. The people of Pakistan should also be requested to give maximum donations so that the Pakistani nation expresses its total solidarity with the suffering people of Ghaza and Palestine;
  8. The participants of the conference also demand of the OIC and Arab League to set up an emergency fund on permanent basis along with other member states so that the Muslims in any part of the world could be helped out financially in case of any natural tragedy or war;
  9. The conference also decided to observe February 5 as "Kashmir and Palestine Solidarity Day" throughout Pakistan and take out joint rallies in all the major cities of the country;
  10. The participants also condemn the Indian threats to Pakistan in the strongest possible words and resolve to stand united for national security and defence.
  11. The meeting also demands of the rulers in the Muslim in view of present opportunity of political change in the US to collectively urge the new American leadership to opt for dialogue, reforms and developmental plans instead of force for elimination of terrorism. It [new leadership] should also bring drone attacks on Pakistan to an end and ensure the resolution of Afghanistan, Palestine and Kashmir disputes.