Minhaj Ulama Council’s memorial reference for Allama Abdul Haq Chishti

Minhaj Ulama Council organized a memorial reference for Allama Abdul Haq Chishti, a renowned religious scholar, author of numerous books, orator, poet, which was presided over by the central Nazim of Ulama Council, Sahibzada Farhat Hussain Shah. Addressing the reference, renowned educationist, Prof Nusrallah Moini, paid rich to tribute to Allama Chishti. He said that his services in the religious and spiritual domains would be remembered for times to come. He taught his students with dedication and commitment all his life. The lamps of light of knowledge lit by him are spreading light throughout the world. He authored many books which are beacon of light for us. Haji Imdadullah Khan Qadri said in his speech that Allama Abdul Haq Chishti spent his entire life in the promotion and preaching of religion. He was very wise and hardworking person. His services for MQI would be remembered for ever. He injected the feelings of patriotism in the youth. He was a true Muslim and a patriotic Pakistani. Allama Muhammad Hussain Azad said that Allama Abdul Haq Chishti was a saintly scholar, good speaker, poet and intellectual of good stature. He served Islam without any fear. Allama Muhammad Usman Sialvi, Allama Mumtaz Hussain Saddiqi, Allama Naseer Ahmad and Qari Muhammad Younis Awan also participated in the reference. The participants offered Fateh at the end of the programme and prayed for the departed soul.