Students & Peace Seminar under MSM

The student community needs to play its full role for the establishment of peace. Book is its weapon with which it can achieve this purpose. Peace, tolerance, security and equality are the basic pillars of Islam. Revival of peace is essential for democracy, people, Pakistan and Islam. Terrorism, extremism and sectarianism are the cause of destruction of humanity.

Amjad Jutt, central president of Mustafvi Students Movement, expressed these views while addressing a seminar under the topic of Students and Peace in Minhaj University the other day. He said that unending bouts of load-shedding and energy crisis was not only regrettable but also condemnable. The frequent power failures were taking a toll of economy with immense job losses for the workers. He said that the cropping up of water issue between the provinces was all about the vested interests of the elite.

He said if we wanted to see Pakistan strong, we would have to sacrifice our individual biases and personal interests. The country needed peace badly and it was possible through unity and demonstration of strong political will. He said that our enemies wanted to play us against one another on religious, political, sectarian and lingual bases. We should be on our guard against these dangers and not allow ourselves to be misused by our enemies. He asked the students to join hands with MSM in its initiative to awaken awareness about peace and harmony in the society. Unity, peace and security could steer the ship of the state out of the unchartered waters to the safe shores.

Secretary General of MSM, Sajid Gondal, said that the enemy wanted to get its nefarious desires fulfilled by making us fight against each other. He said that MSM was busy for promotion of peace and harmony in the student community. Hafiz Muhammad Ramzan Niazi, Ismail Inam, Rizwan Ali Qadri, Muhammad Imran Dervaish, Asim Rasheed Chaudhry, and Hafiz Abdul Ghaffar Mustafvi also addressed the seminar.