Minhaj University Lahore declares B.A. result 2009

Lahore, July 24, 2009: Minhaj University Lahore has declared the result of Bachelor in Arts (BA) yesterday. Declaring the result, Hafiz Zahid Yousuf, deputy controller of examination, said that the management of the Minhaj University was pleased to announce that the ratio of successful candidates remained 76% and the credit for this stunning result goes to the hard work of teachers and commitment of students towards their studies. He said that Nabila Kausar and Muhammad Aleem Afzal shared first position by scoring 594 marks. Likewise Ghulam Ayesha and Samina Liaqat got 581 and 580 marks respectively and managed to win second and third positions. These results were also available on the website of the University www.mul.edu.pk. Hafiz Zahid Yousuf said that there was cut-throat competition among the students for bagging top positions and only those students were able to achieve this feat who put their heart and soul in their studies. He said that students were the builders of the nation. “That is why Quaid-e-Azam has held them to be the front-runners in the struggle for independence,” he said. He felicitated the successful students on their successes on behalf of teachers and hoped that they would continue to work hard in their respective fields. He also asked those who could not succeed that they needed to put in hard work for better result. “If they did so, they would no doubt achieve success.” He concluded.