Muslim Matters : Tahir al Qadri Issues Fatwa, Stereotypes Deobandis & Wahhabis

March 10th, 2010

Recently, this century’s “shaikh-ul-Islam” (an affront to the title itself), Tahir al-Qadri, issued a fatwa against terrorism. MSM covered it as if it was a eureka moment, even though scholars have routinely issued edicts against terrorism, from around the world [see this from 20,000 deobandi scholars, this from Saudi scholars, etc.].

Br. Yusuf has a good post on this, extracting Tahir’s own agenda against deobandis (and of course the “wahhabi bogeyman“). See source below. Tahir’s quote against deobandis reminds me of the typical assertion by the Islamophobe, “all Muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are certainly Muslim”. This quote is as much a lie as is Tahir’s conclusion.

Tahir al-Qadri is hardly uncontroversial, the leader of the brelwi sect in Pakistan, not quite mainstream as the press would like you to be believe. This makes the fatwa even more of a non-event for Muslims. In his free-time, Tahir al-Qadri appreciates a good qawali. His followers love to adorn their houses with his pictures, as I myself observed in the house of my uncle, in addition to kissing his feet- see video below. The rafidahs love him and Quilliam Foundation, the British-adopted, government-financed, Muslim poodle, can’t say enough good things about him. I wonder how much foot Ed got??

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