Jawa Report : Jihad Against Jihad

April 16, 2010

Pakistan intercepted a message that the Pakistani Taliban (TTP) has added an Islamic scholar to their list of people to kill. This shouldn't surprise anyone since the list simply says "Everybody, even Muslim, since they are just sitting there. I mean right freakin' there for Allah sakes."

Tahir ul-Qadri issued a fatwa (Sorry Howie - not for you) condemning terrorism last month. Here are some quotes from the Foreign Policy article:

"I have declared a jihad against terrorism," says the 59-year-old Qadri in an interview. "I am trying to bring [the terrorists] back towards humanism. This is a jihad against brutality, to bring them back towards normality. This is an intellectual jihad."

What makes him significant is the uncompromising rigor of his vision, which deploys a vast array of classical Islamic sources to support the case that those who commit terrorist acts are absolutely beyond the pale.

While quite a few scholars before have condemned terrorism as haram (forbidden), the new fatwa categorically declares it to be no less than kufr (acts of disbelief). "There was a need," says Qadri, "to address this issue authentically, with full authority, with all relevant Quranic authority -- so that [the terrorists] realize that whatever they've been taught is absolutely wrong and that they're going to hellfire. They're not going to have paradise, and they're not going to have 72 virgins in heaven. They're totally on the wrong side."(emphasis mine)

Uh oh. Wrong side huh?

I read this hadith the other day that said Jihadis are ghey. It was a pretty good read.

Source : http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/202042.php



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