Anti Def : Islamic scholar Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri issues anti-terrorism fatwa

3 Mar 2010

A PROMINENT Islamic scholar will use a speech in London to issue a 600-page religious edict denouncing terrorists and suicide bombers as "unbelievers.". Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri is a leading figure who has promoted peace and interfaith dialogue for 30 years, Sky News reports. He said he felt compelled to issue the fatwa because of concerns about the radicalisation of British Muslims at university campuses and because there had been a lack of condemnation of extremism by Muslim clerics and scholars.

Ul Qadri says his fatwa, which is aimed at persuading young Muslims to turn their backs on extremism, goes further than any previous denunciation. "This is the first, most comprehensive fatwa on the subject of terrorism ever written," said ul Qadri, who has written about 350 books on Islamic scholarship.

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