'Out of the box' thinking needed for progress: Dr Raheeq Abbasi

Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi, Nazim-e-Ala of Minhaj-ul-Quran International, has said that as long as our policy makers continued to uphold the interest of the IMF and World Bank, the country would continue to remain mired in economic crises. He said that the slavish mindset is largely responsible for the country's present predicament. 'Had our ruling elite shown the willingness to think out of the box and formulated crafted policies compatible with ground realities for the welfare of masses, we would not have come to such a sorry pass as we are confronted with these days', he held.

Dr Abbasi expressed these views while talking to a delegation, which called on him in his office, the other day. He said that there was a dire need of changing the direction of the state policy in favour of the downtrodden sections of society. Our country ill-affords keeping the real stakeholders out of the power loop. He also emphasized the fact that in order to improve governance in the country and ensure efficient delivery of services, a system of check and balance and across the board accountability would have to be put in place.



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