Minhaj Ulama Council holds protest rally against blasphemous sketches

Minhaj-ul-Quran Ulama Council organized a huge rally protest against blasphemous sketches which started from Ichra, Ferozpur Road, and ended on Mazang Chungi, which was attended by hundreds of Ulama and religious scholars. They unanimously adopted a resolution that condemned the social network website for posting blasphemous sketches of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and demanded of the International Court of Justice, OIC and the UN to initiate strict proceedings against the culprits of this heinous action for violation of basic human rights. Sayyid Farhat Hussain, central Nazim of the Ulama Council, led the rally, whereas Allama Asif Akber Mir, Allama Mushtaq Ahmad Noorani, Allama Badr-uz-Zaman Qadri, Allama Shams Jaferi, Mian Tahir Yaqub and the central leaders of Tanzeem-e-Ahle-Sunnat were also present in the rally. The protest rally took the shape of a public meeting at the Mazang Chaungi.

Addressing the rally, Allama Farhat Hussain Shah said that the personality of every Prophet is the centre of respect, sanctity and devotion for followers of every religion. The love and respect for the personality of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) is the basis of faith of a believer and every law of the world guarantees the respect and protection of sanctity of these privileged beings. He said that the online publication of these blasphemous sketches has hurt the feelings of millions of Muslims. The freedom of expression is a basic human right of every human but it crosses its boundaries when such expression becomes injurious to others feelings and turns into violation of basic human rights.

Sayyid Farhat Hussain Shah said that posting of these images represents the contravention of all decent norms and civilized behaviour. OIC, ICJ and the UN should take an immediate notice of these excesses and bring the culprits to justice.

In their different speeches, the religious scholars condemned the government for its lack of action and demanded of the powers that be to take up the matter with the international community besides enforcing permanent ban on the websites..

Allama Asif Akber Mir said in his speech that had the Muslim world been united, they would not have to see that day. He said that the publication of blasphemous caricatures is a heinous act. He asked the government of Pakistan to get the protest of the Muslims recorded at the highest global forums.