MWF Latest Figures of Relief Campaign 2010

Goods 170 Truck
Volunteers 12,000
Dependent Persons in Tent Villages & Relief Camps 11,500 persons
Monthly Ration 10,000 families
Relief Collection Camps 350 camps
Medical Camps 35 camps
Medical Relief 58,000 persons
Ambulances / Mobile Dispensaries 25
Doctors / Medical Staff 500 +

Amount Spent : 120 Million Rupees

Goods Rs. 8,25,00,000/-
Repairing Home (300 families & Rs. 15,000 each) Rs. 45,00,000/-
Transportation / Ambulances / Truck Rs. 40,00,000/-
2122 Families Handed Over Tents Rs. 73,00,000/-
Medicines Rs. 65,00,000/-
9 Large Tent Villages Rs. 63,00,000/-
12 Small Tent Villages Rs. 36,00,000/-
Monthly Support Expenses Rs. 37,00,000/-
Miscellaneous (Banners, Camps Rent, Advertising, Mobile Camps) Rs. 55,00,000/-

Tent Villages: 21

Dependent Persons 6,000
Tent Set Up Areas Noshehra Cantt. A.S.C Colony, Akora Khattak, Kot Mitthan, Rajanpur, Rujhan,  Kotla Naseer, Larkana and Shikarpur
New Tent Villages Plan Kashmore, Kandhkot and Saeedaabad

Relief Camps: 128

  • Dependent Persons: 5500

Future Plan (Next to do)

  • 20,000 families would be provided monthly ration after the process of their registration is complete


Tents Rs.11,500/- (each)
Boundary Wall Rs. 3,00,000/-
Repair of Houses Rs. 1,00,000/-
Ration on a Monthly Basis Rs. 5,000/-
Minhaj Villages Set Up (10 Shelters Home in Each Village) Rs. 30,00,000/- (each 3,00,000/-)
Room + Boundary Wall Rs. 5,00,000/-


  • There will be free education for children in Minhaj  Schools
  • 500 children are being accommodated in Aghosh (Orphan Care Home) where complete facilities of education, health & upbringing have been provided for the children.
  • People belonging to areas from where water has receded are being provided with tents & ration on their return to homes.

Field Coordinator Flood Relief Campaign 2010

Sheikh Zahid Fayyaz Head of Flood Relief Campaign 03008412155
Iftikhar Shah Bokhari Central Coordinator & Director MWF 03332198507
Jawad Hamid Secretary of Flood Relief Campaign 03334244365
Mian Iftikhar Ahmad Central Deputy Coordinator (Minhaj Tent Villages) 03334337043
Nazia Mujahid Provincial Coordinator Minhaj Tent Villages Khayber Pakhtunkha 03429818694
Mushtaq Suhrwardi Coordinator Minhaj Tent Villages A.S.C Noshehra Cantt 03005091150
Altaf Hussain Coordinator Minhaj Tent Villages Akora Khattak 03448859721
Ameer Niazi Coordinator Minhaj Relif Camp Trag Sharif, Essa Khail 03335345926
Riaz Baharvi Coordinator Mianwali 03339831239
Muhammad Qamar Abbas Coordinator Karor Lal Essan 03016850464
Muhammad Akbar Qadri Coordinator Layyah 03006766857
Juma Khan Coordinator Bhakar 03016755594
Shakir Mazari Coordinator Tonsa Sharif / Rajanpur 03346868768
Mubashir Ahmad Coordinator Ali Pur Cantt 03154111656
Iftikhar Quraishi Muzaffargarh 03017885590
Hafiz Ullah Baloch Provincial Coordinator Sindh 03008846390
Bashir Ahmad Coordinator Guddu, Kashmor 03003913800 03337313057
Kamran Pervaiz Coordinator Hyderabad (Interior Sindh) 03212630056
Sayyid Zafar Iqbal Coordinator Karachi 03142189714
Rao Kamran Deputy Coordinator Karachi 03333087938
Adnan Rauf Deputy Coordinator Karachi 03333099401
Fahim Ahmad Coordinator Thatha 03012211568

Coordinator for Collection Camps

Abdul Wahid Butt Islamabad 03335471095
Asif Mirza Rawalpindi 03345130570
Irshad Tahir Lahore 03004217066
Rafique Najam Faisalabad 03336510767
Prof. Sayyid Basit Imran Sarai Alamgir 03009516591
Dr Rafique Ahmad Yasir Pakpattan Sharif 03008690131



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