Women urged to play their role to stem the tide of social disorder

The training of women is very important in view of contemporary challenges posed to society. A women deprived of knowledge of basic teachings of Islam cannot fulfill the responsibility of educating and bringing up her offspring on Islamic lines. That is why she is more responsible for social disorder that afflicts our society today.

Ms Sumaira Rafaqat Advocate, Secretary General of Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League, expressed these views while delivering her speech to the participants of Islamic Learning Course in Minhaj Educational Complex today. She said that more attention needs to be focused on women rather than men to construct an Islamic society in the real sense. Price hike, unemployment, poverty, and obscenity have led us away from the real path with the result that women do not have sufficient opportunities to learn about Islamic teachings. This has paved the way for deterioration of values and our peculiar ethical order. Special efforts, she said, need to be made for equipping our women with knowledge of Islamic teachings for reform of social order. “We cannot afford to be complacent on this count, for any inaction on our part would be too costly to bear,” she emphasized.

Ms Sumaira Rafaqat said that materialism has forced women to act the way they are doing today. Our social order has fallen prey to the forces of decay and degeneration. The cultural offensive has further added to the criticality of the situation warranting urgent action on our part. “The women need to work hard for acquiring productive knowledge so that degeneration of values could be checked,” she concluded.


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