MQI rejects hike in prices of POL products

The recent hike in the prices of all POL products unequivocally proves that the government does not have any sound economic agenda to cure the economic ills facing the country. This surge in prices of POL products would intensify the worst wave of inflation and dearness, making the lives of common people even more miserable. Those who rode to power on the promises of people’s welfare stand fully exposed.

Dr Raheeq Abbasi expressed these views in reaction to the phenomenal increase in the prices of POL products by the government on May 1. The prices, he said, after the latest surge, have touched all-time high in the history of the country. Dr Abbasi regretted the fact that economy appears to be the most neglected area during administration of the incumbent rulers while they are busy politicking for their vested interests. He also criticized the conduct of the opposition parties, saying that they are least concerned for people’s well being and only waiting in the wings to come into power on their turn. He asked the people to be mindful of their rights and abandon their passivity in the national affairs.