MQI calls for steps to end unrest in Karachi

Karachi is an industrial hub and life line of the country. The situation in Karachi was ignored due to political expediencies with the result that this city of lights has sunk into darkness. The closure of markets for one day causes a loss of billions of rupees to the national economy. The government and its organizations seem helpless before the deteriorating situation in the country. The political and religious parties have failed to play their due role to arrest the situation. It is regrettable that at a time when Karachi has become a killing field, nothing concrete has been done and the government is content with a few statements.

These views were expressed by Sheikh Zahid Fayyaz, acting Secretary General of Minhaj-ul-Quran International, while giving a lecture at a seminar entitled “Karachi’s situation and our responsibilities” held under the banner of Minhaj-ul-Quran Youth League in Lahore yesterday. Babar Ali Ch., president of MYL, Tayyab Zia, Ishtiaq Ahmad Mughal, Amjad Butt, and others were also present on the occasion.

Sheikh Zahid Fayyaz asked all political parties to understand the criticality of the situation and work out a consensus based strategy for the establishment of peace in Karachi on urgent basis. He said that it is high time all political forces gave up their parochial issues and thought about the national issues in a spirit of harmony instead of indulging in blame game. He said that peace in Karachi means peace in the country and vice versa. What has actually turned is gruesome fact of the use of bombs and rockets in addition to firing. He said that the rulers should take concrete steps to end unrest in Karachi instead of giving statements. “We can succeed only if we forge unity in our ranks,” he concluded.



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