PAT berates likely spike in POL prices

The hint of rise in the prices of POL products will add to the woes of poverty-stricken masses who are increasingly finding it hard to make their both ends meet in these times of inflation and dearness. The practice of periodically raising the POL prices has proven that the government does not possess any practical policy of dealing with the economic challenges and it straight away resorts to printing currency and raising prices, which is deplorable.

Faiz-ur-Rehman Durrani, Ameer-e-Tehreek MQI, expressed these views while talking to a delegation of Civil Society from Peshawar, which called on him in Lahore today. He said that the skyrocketing inflation and increase in prices of POL products was akin to stabbing the poor in the back, as they were the worst hit component of the society.

Faiz-ur-Rehman Durrani said that the government needed to give its undivided attention to improvement of economy so that some kind of breathing space could be provided to the poor masses who were facing the brunt of ad hoc economic policies. He said that the widening gulf between haves and have-nots had grave political and social implications for our state and society.

He said that there was need of solid economic planning to ease pressure on the people and chart out a strategy to implement the policies.



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