MWF holds blood donation camps in Lahore

Those children who suffer from Thalassemia need transfusion of blood after every fifteen days. They need constant care and affection. There is a need to spread awareness in society about the dangers posed by Thalassemia. People should come forward and donate their blood as much as they can, for it is not only a healthy activity from medical point of view but also an act of piety on their part.

Iftikhar Shah Bokhari, Director of Minhaj Welfare Foundation, expressed views while talking to people at the Blood Donation Camps organized by MWF in Lahore. He said that MWF was providing blood to the needy across the country.

A large number of notables including political, religious personalities and social activists visited these camps and appreciated the initiative of MWF. They said that such noble causes needed to be patronized for a change in the social behaviour. The students and youths donated their blood.

Iftikhar Shah Bokhari apprised the students about the importance of donating blood. Blood grouping of students was carried out. The hundreds of students got themselves registered with Minhaj Blood Bank.



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