MWL holds seminar to mark ‘Youm-e-Azmat-e-Rasool’ (PBUH)

Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League (MWL) organized a number of peaceful rallies across the country to mark ‘Youm-e-Azmat-e-Mustafa (SAW), which was celebrated in the world on the appeal of MQI. A large number of women and children attended the rallies. The participants chanted slogans against the provocative and offensive movie and described it as a major blow to efforts for interfaith harmony. They were carrying placards and banners.

The participants asked the United Nations to take active interest in the matter as it involved the emotions of 1.5 billion strong Muslim community, which were deeply hurt by the profane movie. They said that since the issue involved damage to global peace, which clearly warranted the UN’s intervention.

MWL organized a seminar in the central secretariat on this occasion. Ms Noshaba Zia, central president of MWL, presided over the seminar, whereas Sidra Karamat, Ayesha Shabbir, Fareeda Sajjad, Farah Naz, and Shakira Shahid were also present. Speaking on the occasion, Ms Noshaba Zia said that the offensive movie was a threat to global peace and those who had taken part in it were criminals. She said that there was a need for social media websites to prepare code of conduct. She said that it was a matter of international security and needed to be dealt with urgently. She demanded that those involved should be deported and brought to justice.



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