Change possible after reforms in electoral system: MQI

Faiz-ur-Rehman Durrani, the Amir of MQI, has said that we believe in democracy, but will continue to struggle against a system which has played havoc with the masses. He said that no change would come about without reforms in the political system. He said that the nation would become its true national character when it would become alive to challenges facing the polity. ‘As and when our people get this consciousness, Pakistan will be headed on the right path as envisioned by its founding fathers,’ he added.

Faiz-ur-Rehman Durrani expressed these views while addressing a seminar on the subject of “Democracy and Pakistan” held in central secretariat in Lahore today.

Speaking on the occasion, Sheikh Zahid Fayyaz said that the institutions need to work within their defined constitutional ambit, which was possible if they were empowered in the true sense. He said that primacy of Constitution was need of the hour and all stakeholders should be alive to this imperative.

Zahid Fayyaz said that in the absence of strong institutions, personalities became stronger, which was responsible for the present state of clash. He said that real democracy was all about strong institutions and compliance with Constitution. He said that without changing electoral system, rule of law was hard to establish. He said that there was an incessant talk of change but it was not possible under the present system.


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