People see a messiah in Dr Qadri: Irshad Tahir

Irshad Ahmad Tahir, head of MQI Lahore chapter, has said that since the time Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri has demanded electoral reforms, a storm has been created in the corridors of power. He said that archrivals PPP and PML-N had colluded to protect their stakes in the system. He said that independent media, intellectuals and civil society were appreciating the agenda of Dr Qadri. He said that it was unfortunate that those who had benefited from the country the most had taken to hurling abuses on the person of Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri instead of responding to the demands of the people, which indicated their level of frustration. He said that serious sections of society and journalists regarded this as psychological and strategic win of Dr Qadri.

Irshad Tahir said that the people were fed up with the policy of collusion of both parties and regarded Dr Qadri as their messiah. He said that if the ruling elite did not budge and pay attention to what the people were demanding, they should remember that the masses were at the end of their tether and the public volcano was ready to burst.



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