True Revolution in Pakistan?

Amidst all controversies, the much-awaited long march has assembled large numbers in the capital city across the country including women and children. The masses poured on the streets in support of Allama Tahir ul Qadri’s and his stance for bringing a change in the country.

Wide speculations occupied media, questioning the hands behind Qadri and his heavy investment in the advertisement. Somehow, the journalists and analysts were not ready to take him seriously and one even went to the extent of calling him “padri topi wala.” The cleric was suspiciously viewed and taken as a Canadian national with the agenda to disrupt the coming up elections that will serve the aims of establishment.

In the past few days, Qadri and his supporters missed no opportunity to regularly appear on political shows trying to clear the air though the rumors refused to die.

However, the scene changed when thousands were seen gathering, ready to spend days and nights on roads till their leader’s demands are met. Terrorism and weather did not deter them from participation.

Apart from the fact that Qadri enjoys his position as a spiritual and religious leader with followers around the world, his demands were victorious in touching the cords of the grieving nation. It was given every reason to stop believing in the current democratic system for the last five years and was desperately waiting for a messiah, which it found in Qadri.

Though Imran Khan also managed to attract numbers in his addresses but he is a politician who intends to enter the same system and then change it. Qadri, however, opted to stay out and challenged the current system, which he sees as corrupt and rotten. This reflects how people are tired of the existing system and unwilling to give the country in the hands of the politicians.

Half of Qadri’s address revolved around hunger, terrorism and corrupt politicians; nothing different from the concerns raised before but his objectives were unmatched. His success made opponents guess how whole episode would be wrapped up and the Supreme Court ruling came as a major breakthrough at the end. God knows what diplomacy was played behind the closed doors but fingers are raised at the SC and the motives of unseen forces behind the decision due to timings.

Well for now, the world has seen the resilience of Pakistanis in difficult times and it seems that sit-in will be an important force in shaping the fate of the tottering country.

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