Number five works well for Tahir ul Qadri

LAHORE: Call it a coincidence or numerological planning. Number 5 appeared to have worked well for Dr Tahir ul Qadri.

A noted astrologer and numerologist, Bashirullah Khan, told The News that the name Muhammad Tahirul Qadri’s number is 5. He said that Qadri’s the number of date (December 23 ) of Qadri’s public meeting was 5 (2+3=5). Similarly Tahir ul Qadri chose January 14, also number 5 (1+4=5). Besides Tahir ul Qadri launched the march after 23 days of his speech in Lahore, again number 5.

Khan said that Tahir ul Qadri signed agreement with the government on the fifth day (counted since the launch on Sunday) after having engaged in dialogue with the government side for five hours on Thursday.

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