Quaid Day, Welcoming of Hajjis and Eid Celebration : Paris, France

The program was held on the 15th of February 2004, the main subjects were:
Quaid Day, Welcoming of Hajjis and Eid Celebration.


  • The program began with Quranic Recitation and a Hamd inpraise of All Mighty Allah.
  • Then we had different nausheed groups as well as individuals: Rabia Khawaja, Iram Humayun, Auntie Sitara, Auntie Mumtaz Malik, and Auntie Sultana Butt who read a Kalam on Sayydidina Abdul Qadri Jilaani. The Sisters Youth League Juniors read "Mujhe iss ka gham nahin he keh badal gaya zamanaa..." at the end.
  • We had two speeches: first one on Qibla Huzoor by Sabba Qazi and the second one by Auntie Sitara Malik.
  • Shaykh Hafiz Iqbal Azam sahib gave a report on the annual Hajj Pillgrimage, and congratulated everybody for Qibla Huzoor's birthday

At the end dinner was served for all the guests and a cake was cut
Alhumduliah we had a great turnout!

Our next program will be held on the 14th of March regarding Shahadat Imam Hussein (ra)