10th Annual Islamic Learning Diploma Course by MWL

For the last nine years Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League, Pakistan, has been arranging training courses for the religious, spiritual, moral, organizational and motivational uplift of women and students every year. Following this tradition the Women League is pleased to announce its Islamic Learning Diploma Course Commencing from 18th July 2004 till 13th August 2004. Please take this opportunity to make a difference in your life, to explore your innate personality, your potentials and attributes, and learn how to contribute to the society around you. The course will, Insh’Allah, be conducted in a beautiful Islamic atmosphere and we hope to imbue the true Islamic spirit in all those that attend this training. So take this opportunity and apply now!


Minimum Qualification : Metric
(Bring your Metric Degree/Certificate along with you)
Fee for Hostel Scholars : Rs.1100/-
Fee for Day Scholars : Rs.300/-


Last date to Apply : 5th July, 2004
Interviews : Sunday 18th July, 2004 (After Salat-ul-Asr)
Vanue : At Minhaj-ul-Quran College (for women), Civic Center, Baghdad Town, Lahore.
Commencement of Classes : From 19th July.

Admission Form

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