Sisters ICIS (Institute of Classical Islamic Sciences) Conference in Manchester

By the Grace of almighty Allah (swta) and the blessings of holy prophet (saw) on Sunday 26th June 2005 the sisters from Oldham and Manchester women and youth league held a programme at the Medina hall in Manchester.

It began with recitation of Surat ad Duha from the holy Quran by sister Saba Mustafa Khan from Oldham. Sister Sakina Fatima from Manchester hosted the programme. She did an excellent job by reciting poems and sayings of holy prophet (saw) in between the guest speakers.

Sisters Mariam and Saffia (from Nelson) spoke about their ICIS experience; they mentioned their daily experience, daily routine, the subjects studied, accommodation and the importance of seeking knowledge. The ladies continued by mentioning their itikaaf experience during the holy month of Ramadan and they mentioned how they were enlightened by the spiritual conventions at the ICIS and the motivating lectures by shayk ul Islam Doctor Muhammad Tahir -ul- Qadri.

Sister Kauther (from Nelson) delivered a lecture on the topic of ‘Muslim Woman’ Today’ and of the ‘Great Muslim Woman during the time of holy prophet (saw). Drawing on comparisons and she emphasised how we need to study and follow the seerah of our great women in Islam.

Sister Saba (ICIS Student, 2005) gave a presentation about Minhaj-ul- Quran International Organisation (MQI) it’s social, political and welfare aspects. She included the multidimensional aims and objectives of MQI and the struggle of Doctor Tahir-ul- Qadri over the last twenty-three years. This presentation also included the importance of joining working collectively in a group (Jammah).

The sisters from Bradford, Halifax, and Nelson recited Nasheeds. The programme ended with salat and salaam and Dua by sisters Balkees, (Manchester) Nasreen (Rochdale) and Rukhsana (Oldham). Finally ICIS leaflets were distributed and the sisters had time to discuss more openly about MQI projects.

Report from Minhaj-ul- Quran youth Sisters, Oldham/ Manchester
By Saba Mustafa Khan.


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