Tarbyyati night arranged by Minhajul-Quran, women league, Norway

On Saturday the 8th of October 2005, during the holy and blessed month of Ramadhan Mubarak, the women league of Minhaj-ul-Quran International by the grace of Allah (Subhana wa tala) and the blessings of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wa sallim) organised a fantastic tarbyyati night for women at Idara in Oslo. This was the first time in Norway’s history that such a gathering like this had been arranged by the sisters.

The programme started on the 4th day of Ramadhan along with Maghrib Salah . It continued later with up until tarawi prayers. Alama Noor and Ahmad Noor lead the dhikr- mehfil. He also delivered a speech on zakah, and donations were collected for the earthquake catastrophe in South Asia, which unfortunately happened on the same day. The programme formally started at midnight. Alhamdulillah, the blessed mehfil had a gathering of about 100 women and started off with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Amna Zafar. Mrs. Rubina Tariq was the stage secretary and motivated the audience with her encouraging words. Qasidah Burdah Sharif, which was recited by executives of the women league of Minhaj International generating a very lively and spirited atmosphere amongst those present.

Then sisters and students from the MEC ( Minhaj Education Centre ) sang soulful naats to extend their love and respect to the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wa sallim). Baji Safia Ishfaq recited naats with the duff. Samina Shoukat, Sadia Shoukat, Salma Zafar, Fatima Zafar, Amna Zafar, Anum Butt, Kiran Shehzadi, Mehek Butt, Aisha Latif, Labreib and Maria Naveed were the main participants . Our guest speakers were Hafiz Faiz Rasool from Pakistan and Baji Safia Ishfaq (graduate of Minhaj University) from Norway. Hafiz Faiz Rasool sahib gave those present a brief lecture on the meaning of Ramadhan and Baji Safia Ishfaq delivered an invigorating speech on the importance of Ramadhan, and a woman’s role during the holy month.

After the speeches there was a lively question and answer session lead by Alama Noor Ahmad Noor in which most women participated actively. The younger generation were the most inquisitive especially with regards to marriage and the different beliefs in Islam. It is the blessing of Allah (Subhana wa tala) that young sisters living in this part of the world are motivated about Islam. We are thankful for this to our beloved leader, Shaykh -ul-Islam Dr. Tahir-ul- Qadri who leads us along the right path. Alama sahib answered the questions very well. He spoke in urdu, which was simple, uncomplicated and easy to understand, which made it easy for the sisters. This session was useful as it increased our knowledge and clarified misunderstandings about Islam.

Later, a video of our beloved leader, Shaykh-ul- Islam was shown. The video was from the zayarah tour where he spoke about women in context of the Islamic religion. Then the programme continued with Salat-ul Tasbee and dhikr mehfil, which was once again led by Alama Noor Ahmad Noor sahib. The programme ended with sehri for the fifth Ramadhan Mubarak and Salah-ul- Fajr, on the 9th of October at 6 in the morning.

Last but not the least we wish to thank all those who lent a helping hand in organising that night, particularly uncle Mohammad Yusuf for preparing the food, uncle Afzal Ansari, uncle Pervaiz Nisar and uncle Zafar Iqbal for staying awake with us, and we pray for blessings and that Allah may enable us to arrange such nights and mehfils in the future as well. (Ameen).

Reported by: Shaista Nisar, Minhaj-ul- Quran International, Women league, Norway



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