Remembrance of Holy Prophet SAW and Ghous Paak Abdul Qadir Jilani RA

Saturday 3rd June saw the second Mawlid conference in High Wycombe combined with the remembrance of Ghous Paak Abdul Qadir Jilani RA. This is a town with no structured Minahj ul Quran league or centre, but Allhamdulliah the crowds exceeded over two hundred ladies and girls.

The main guests and speakers were invited from Birmingham and London, who were all highly enlightening speakers as well as great reciters of nasheed of Holy Prophet SAW.

From Birmingham we had Mrs Rukhsana Iqbal who is vice president Minahj ul Quran UK as well as president of women’s league Birmingham.

Mrs Rukhsana Alam, an active member of Minhaj ul Quran women’s league and wife of Allama Ashfaq Alam who is director of Birmingham idara. Both of these sisters conducted speeches in Urdu.

From London we had Mrs Faiza Qadri. She studied the five year Shariah course at Minahj Women’s college then went on to do a two year masters in Islamic studies at The Punjab University.

Mrs Khadija Atkinson also from London qualified as a social worker and reverted to Islam ten years ago. She has spent two and a half years in Pakistan setting up an Islamic school. They both done speeches in English.

Mrs Ruksana Iqbal and Mrs Khadija Atkinson spoke about the life of the Holy Prophet SAW and his blessed status. Although some claim he was like an ordinary man, the speakers demonstrated he was far from it. He SAW was Allahs SWT final Messenger and was sent as a mercy for the whole of humanity. He performed acts which no other ordinary man could. For example, he was able to communicate with animals and the smell of his sweat was as sweet as musk.

Mrs Ruksana Alam and Mrs Faiza Qadri spoke about the life and miracles of Ghous Paak RA and the importance of being in the company of Awliya Allah. Holy Prophet SAW was the last Messenger, but after him Allah has created the Awliya who help and guide us to the straight path, therefore it is important to maintain the company of these pious people. And the greatest of these pious people was Ghous Paak Abdul Qadir Jilani RA. Both of his parents were from the lineage of Holy Prophet SAW and before his birth the Holy Prophet SAW had informed his father of the birth of their son. When he was born, it was at an early age he found out he would be an Awliya as he could see angels walking with him.

The night Ghous Paak RA was born saw the birth of many other boys in Baghdad too. All these boys grew to be Imams of their areas due to the blessings of sharing a birthday with Ghous Paak RA.

The gathering was ended with salaam on the Holy Prophet SAW. The fifty sixth Quranic verse of Surah Al-Ahzab states; “Undoubtedly Allah and His Angels send blessings on the Prophet SAW. O Belivers! You (too) send your blessings upon him and salute him with all respect”

We learn from this that it is Allah’s Sunnah to send blessings on the Holy Prophet SAW and to show our utmost respect and reverence everyone stood up to send their salaams upon the blessed Messenger of Allah SWT.

This was followed by dhikr and the event was ended with dua by Mrs Ruksana Iqbal, with special mention and dua for my grandmother who had passed away three months earlier, for Brother Tanveer Ahmed Qurashi who was murdered in Pakistan and Brother Shazad Shafi who had only passed away days earlier due to kidney failure.

Reported by Sister Jabeen Ali


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