Mawlid-un-Nabi (SAW) Programme by Minhaj-ul-Qur’an Women and Youth League London

London Idara Programme

Alhumdulilah by Grace and Blessings of Allah Almighty around 200 sisters, both young and old gathered to participate in a Mawlid un- Nabi Majlis held at the Minhaj-ul-Qur’an Educational Center in East London . It was a beautiful sight seeing different faces gathering together just for the sake of gaining the pleasure Allah (swt) and His Habib (saw).

Quranic Talawat and Darood (recited in Hazur Sayidi Shaykh ul- Islam’s words and style) were recited melodiously to begin the programme.

Nasheeds in Urdu were recited by both generations, young and old. The Stage Secretary was Sister Fardous (General Secretary of the London Women’s League) who read beautiful poetry and selected Hadith and Quranic verses throughout the programme and conducted the programme with great confidence, Masha’Allah.

Special Guest: Mrs Shah from Luton. As family of the Ahle-bait it was a great blessing for us to host Mrs Shah. Mrs Shah participated with many other women from Luton.

English Lecture: Sister Rahmana Qadri (London Sisters, General Secretary Al- Hidayah & Special needs Teacher in London)

Sister Rahmana spoke on understanding the status and the purpose of celebrating the day in which our Beloved Prophet (saw) was born, and how to instil the love for the Rasul (saw) in our hearts. Sister Rahmana ended with a beautiful statement, ‘Everything has a reflection, the moon is a reflection of the sun, Allah’s (swt) reflection is the Prophet (saw) and the reflection of the Prophet (saw) is Qibla Hazur.’ Lastly, Sister Rahmana stated, ‘those who leave this great mission of Hazur Sayidi Shaykh ul- Islam after tasting its sweetness are very ‘unlucky.’

Urdu Lecture: Alima Faiza Qadri (Lady Scholar from Minhaj ul- Qur’an Womens’ Shari’a College, Lahore).

Quoting Quranic verses and Hadith, Sister Faiza discussed the importance and significance of Mawlid un- Nabi. Having studied under Hazur Shaykh ul- Islam Faiza made reference to many relevant books written by his Eminence regarding the topic of Mawlid. Faiza discussed the meaning of a modern day Mujaddid and the character and traits of such blessed people. Faiza described the personality and character of Shaykh ul- Islam as the greatest Mujaddid of today and inspired the participants to work for the benefit of Islam, collectively.

English Lecture: Khadiah Atkinson ( London Sisters, President Al- Hidayah & Social Worker, London).

Having returned recently from the third largest gathering in the Islamic world (after Mecca and Median Sharif) the ‘Mawlid un-Nabi’ in Pakistan, sister Khadijah spoke about her experiences of this great event and about the nishan (sign from Allah ta’ala) During the Mawlid whilst Shaykh ul- Islam was delivering his lecture. The blessed name, ‘Muhammad’ (saw) appeared written in cloud formation under the moon. Khadijah distributed some photographs of this and discussed the character of Shaykh ul- Islam motivating the participants in becoming interested in working for Islam.

All participants seemed thoroughly motivated and committed to attending these regular monthly programmes. A book stall was held and food was distributed.

Reported by: Sister Mujihada, London (March 2007)


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