Open Heart Surgery

Setting off from London Islamic Cultural Centre we were about to embark on our spiritual journey of Al Hidaya camp 2005, on our quest for thirst of knowledge. And in search of classical and authentic teachings of our beloved Rasul (saw).

On reaching the venue set in the beautiful surroundings of Shropshire hundreds of young Muslims from around the World (brothers & sisters) gathered eager to taste the blessed fruits of sacred knowledge and thirsty to drink from the fountain of Tarbiyya (teachings)from the great Mujadid (reviver of Islam) 'Sheykh -ul- Islam.

Waiting for registration our queuing resembled a long line of 'sick' patients waiting for an appointment with a top surgeon. Surly, we had come with our many diseases of the heart, mind and soul; worldly desires, huge ego's, selfishness, arrogance, greed, lethargy, jealously, hatred, envy, impatiens, vengefulness etc, the list is endless.

We were here to receive the only cure for these diseases 'open heart, mind, soul surgery', to be preformed by the great Sheykh-ul- Islam, Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul- Qadri.

Our first blessed glance of the noor of light on the beautiful face of Sheykh-ul-Islam was during our first discourse. This was a very lengthy discourse on the spiritual inner unseen aspects of Islam known as 'Tasawuf' (the science of self purification). Sheykh-ul- Islam had already made his first diagnosis and delivered the necessary spiritual intervention. Through the use of beautiful quotations from the word of Allah (swt) and blessed incites from the holy seerah of Rasul (saw) and rightly guided others (too many to mention). We were injected with words of pearls of wisdom. Sheykh-ul-Islam beautifully enlightened our hearts, minds and soul with words of Al Hidaya (guidance) giving us the tools to use towards understanding and reaching Al- Hidaya.

Our second discourse and necessary treatment focussed on defining our 'Aqida' (science of belief). This was achieved through classical evidence's from Qur'aan and Sunnah. Sheykh-ul- Islam blessed by his wisdom and depth of Quranic knowledge orated far back as the incident relating to the first human creation of Sayidina Adam(as) and the Ibliss. The Ibliss who was considered a highly knowledgeable Jinn who taught others, was thrown out of the nearness of Allah (swt). Not because of popular belief of not prostrating to Adam (as) but because of his lack of adab (respect) of Prophet Adam(as). This was orated as a completely new perspective on this incident. Sheykh -ul-Islam beautifully, smoothly and comprehensively concluded and connected this incident with the love (ishq) and extreme reverence (adab) of Rasul (saw) forming the true basis of belief (Iman). .

The ideology and philosophy of Minhaj-ul-Qur'aan was presented as our third discourse. It became apparent that the ideology and philosophy of Minhaj-ul-Qur'aan has developed using the classical and traditional teachings of our most beloved Rasul (saw). Minhaj-ul Qur'aan implements a holistic and comprehensible system, facilitating the needs of the modern day Muslim Ummah. This is carried out within the realms and boundaries of Islamic Jurisprudence.

The forth and final discourse was related to the above (third discourse) dealing with 'Da`wa' (Communication of the correct interpretation of Islam). For those needing clarification in relation to Da`wa on both a macro and micro level especially in the current climate of the society. Then this discourse was for you. This discourse did not only comprise of a modern day analysis of the problems faced by a modern day Muslim but it offered its cures strategies. A step by step practical guide on self purification was given- purifying and eradicating different problems both zahir and batin (inside and outside) of a Muslim. Thus enabling a Muslim to be a perfect role model in society, which is the best form of Da`wa.

Our final course of treatment ended with a most heart felt spiritually awakening Du`a. How fortunate are we to have been in the company of such a wuli (beloved) of Allah(swt) beseeching help and forgiveness for us. Sheykh-ul Islam came to the Al-Hidaya to show us Al- Hidaya he made his diagnoses followed by a 3 day course of intervention. Sheykh-ul- Islam can only pray for our prognoses. If we do not follow the advice and guidance given to us by our Surgeon then our prognosis does not seem to be in our favour. We may not be around to receive the next course of intervention.

Like our beloved great Sheykh -ul- Islam said," I can not give you the taste of fruits you have never tasted before, I can describe them to you, I can explain the taste, but you will have to taste them for yourself to see what they are really like"

My dear brothers and sisters lets pray for the long life and good health of our Beloved Sheykh-ul- Islam and may we all put into practice his beautifully articulated words of wisdom. Through his wasila may we be shown mercy and guidance and be accepted as Mureed of the Sultan Sayidina of all Sheykhs Abd ur Qadir al Jillani(ra) on the day of Qiyama. And give us Shif`a of Rasul(saw) allowing us by the Mercy and Forgiveness of Allah(swt) to head into Paradise as a true sincere workers of Minhaj-ul-Qur'an -Ameen.

Sister Khadijah Atkinson
Al -Hidaya Participant. 2005


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