A Beautiful and Inspiring Dua on the Month of Ramadan by: Shaikh Muhyid-din Abdul Qadir al-Jilani (RA).

(A fuller version can be found in Al-Ghunya li-Taalibii Tariiq al-Haqq, volume three, translated from the original by Muhtar Holland, and highly recommended to buy!)

You must realise – may Allah bestow His mercy upon you all- that this night of yours,

Is the night of bidding farewell to your month, Which Allah has enobled, Which He has glorified, The value of which He has exalted, And which He has honoured,

With fasting by day and vigil by night, And the recitation of the Qur’an

And the coming down to you therein of mercy and approval of Allah

Allah has made it the lamp of the common folk, And the means of establishing good order, And the glory of the principles of Islam, which are resplendent with the lights of fasting and vigil.

O Allah, Whatever you have apportioned on this night,

In the way of deliverance And forgiveness,

And mercy and good pleasure,

And pardon and benevolence,

And munificence and benefaction,

And salvation from the Fires of Hell,

And everlasting sojourn In the bliss of the Gardens Of Paradise,

Grant us The most copious share thereof,

And the most abundant portion Through Your Mercy,

O Most Merciful of the Merciful!

O Allah, as You brought us The month of fasting, Grant that our next year may be One of the most Blessed of all our years, And that our coming days may be Among the happiest of all our days. Accept from us the fasting and the vigil that we have offered up to this month, and grant us forgiveness for the sins we have committed in the course of it,

And rid us of the iniquities of humankind, On the day when There will no appeals to anyone apart from you.

O All-Knowing One!

O Most Merciful of the Merciful!

O Allah, we have undertaken the daytime fasting of our month, and its night time vigil, though quite inadequately.  We have discharged in the course of it no more than a little of much that is due to You.  We now stand begging at Your door, seeking Your gracious favour, so do not send us away disappointed, and despairing of Your mercy.

We are the poor folk who need You, the captives who stand before You.  To You our application is addressed, and for Your gracious favour our petition is lodged.  At Your door we have knocked, and for Your mercy we have begged, so treat our humility with compassion, and mend our hearts, and overlook our faults, and forgive our sins, and comfort us at the Resurrection, and do not turn Your Noble Countenance away from us, and cause our work to be accepted and our striving to be acknowledged, and grant us this night and abundance of good fortune.

O Allah, let the Qur’an be for our hearts an illumination, for our eyes a clarification, for our sickness a medication, for our sins a purification and from the Fire of Hell a means of salvation.

Praise to be for Allah for the bountiful gifts of His gracious favour, and His blessings be upon Muhammd, PBUH, the Seal of His Prophets, and upon his family, his companions and his wives, and may He salute them all with many greetings of peace. 

Al- humdu li’llahi Rabbi’l alamin



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