Radio Mawlaad

It is a bitter April morning. The waves are humming their own little tune, as they gently wake up to the beautiful melody of the Qur’an. Across North West London, people reach for their radio knobs in eager anticipation. It is the first day of Rabi’ul Awwal; the first month of spring.

Over a thousand years ago, in an era when ignorance prevailed, and brutal acts were the norm. When fathers buried new born daughters, and oppression reigned. This blessed month saw the coming of a light to mankind, a mercy sent to all the worlds. A piercing star, shining rays of knowledge and truth far and wide. The birth of The Chosen One, the Messenger of Allah – Muhammad, salallahu alayhi wa salaam.

The dhikr streams through the stereo. For the first time ever, London will see the awakening of a Radio Station, dedicated to the birth, life and legacy of the beloved of Allah, salallahu alayhi wa salaam. Londoners can wake up to the beautiful recitation of Allah’s words, and fall asleep with their hearts still pounding, alive with the remembrance of their most precious gift, the Seal of the Prophets, salallahu alayhi wa salaam.

For the first twelve days of this glorious month, listeners can tune in to the live recitation of salawat, by Shaykh Ahmad Babikr, transmitted directly from Cricklewood mosque, where every night, people will gather to show their love for the best of all creation.

At a time when ignorance has reared it’s ugly head once more, and pureness of soul is as uncommon as a rosebud in December, a group of people have come together to awaken hearts and spread the fragrance of the one whose scent was so sweet that nothing could equal it.

Radio HACC is a project run by HACC (Hope and Community Cohesion) Foundation. The station will air from the 31st March 2006 to 27th April 2006, and will broadcast 24 hours a day over this month, on 87.7 FM. Programmes will be in English, Urdu and Arabic, and while coverage will be limited to a 7 miles radius of Willesden, live streaming will be available online at

The Radio station manager, and director of HACC Foundation, Hafiz Zafar Iqbal, states, “At a time when there has been so much negative publicity about Islam, alhamdulillah we have a real opportunity here to highlight the importance of the life of the Prophet Muhammad and really convey to people the true essence of who he was.”

After the popularity of the radio station during the month of Ramadan, many listeners are keenly awaiting the start of the blessed month, not only in London, but as widespread as the United States of America, where Muslims can listen through their computers to the wide variety of shows that the radio has to offer.

A radio station like this could not have come at more apt a time. A time when the world has been split into two camps; one who throws insults at our Prophet, salallahu alayhi wa salaam, but who are in reality only degrading themselves; and the other who demonstrate such fury and vehemence that they go against the fundamental nature of the one who they are defending. The time has come for people to learn who the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa salaam really was, Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

By Sister Ruchi


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