Radio Mawlaad

Al-hamdullilah, by the blessings of Almighty Allah (swt) and His beloved Rasul (saw) we were given the opportunity to present a Radio programme to the North West side of London during the blessed month of Rabi a'wwal (First Spring).

We were one of the many presenters who gave their time, energy and money on a voluntary basis to spread the love of Rasul (saw) in the hearts of the listeners. Many aspects of the beautiful teachings of Rasul (saw) were touched upon. Each presenter had their different interests and presenting styles. Some discussed the beautiful characteristics and the perfect mannerisms of our blessed Rasul (saw) others discussed the actual blessed birth and all of the miracles which occurred, before, during and after the blessed birth. And some related many Ahadith of Rasul (saw).

From which ever aspect one discussed the time seemed to go very quickly. It felt as though you could sit forever discussing the Blessed Seerah of our Rasul(saw). Also it was a great opportunity for the listeners to hear the Arabic Salaam written by Sheikh ul Islam and presented by the MQI Naat Council in Pakistan. This was followed by the beautiful Pearls of wisdom in the form of the in the lectures delivered by Sheikh ul Islam both in Urdu and English.

This was an opportunity to show our extreme gratitude and thankfulness to Allah (swt) in the coming of Rasul (saw) and to rejoice in the Greatest Blessing and Mercy sent to the whole of mankind. If it wasn't for great scholars like Sheikh ul Islam we would still be stumberling around in the dark regarding the whole issue of the legality of Mawladd Un Nubi. We were able to give the listeners a taste from the series of 8 lectures available on DVD. I was personally astonished to discover that each DVD is of 170 hours each. If you are good at maths then you can times that by 8 and work out how many hours this great scholar has spent on giving us all the evidences from the Quran and Ahadith on the 'Legality of Celebrating Mawlaad un Nubi'. SubhannAllah.

As MQI presenters we had felt that through the Faiz and Blessings and knowledge of our Sheikh that we were able to convey the true classical Islamic teachings in regard to Mawlaad un Nubi and the status of Rasul (saw).

We are very thankful to Sheikh Abu Babika as Sudanni (Imam of Jammi'a School) and to Brother Zafar (coordinator for Radio HACC) for allowing us with the permission of Allah(swt) to join together under the united front of our beloved Rasul(saw) in presenting a Radio programme during the auspicious occasion of Mawlaad un Nubi. May Allah (swt) and His beloved Rasul(saw) reward them immensely, InshaAllah..

We pray that next Year MQI London will be hosting a Radio programme for Mawlaad, Insha'Allah.

Jazakhala, to all the presenters:
Brother Abdul Basit
Brother Sanola
Brother Hassen Al Mujahid (technician)
Sister Faiza Qadri
Sister Aisha Masterdon
Sister Alveena Saleem



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