Dear Sisters

Work righteous deeds. Beware of Allah, the Most High, and neither be betrayed by long hopes nor forget the end of life. Do not recline to this life, for it deceives with its pleasures and anticipated future.

Life has beautified itself for those who seek its hand in marriage, and became like the bride, to whom the eyes are staring, the hearts are directed, and the souls are dedicating their love. How many a lover of this life has it destroyed? How many are those who rejoiced in it only to be betrayed soon after?? Therefore, look at it with the eye of truth, for it is a dwelling that has many traps, and even its Creator has belittled it.

The new of this life becomes old
Its kinship quickly vanishes
Its mighty become disgraced
Its abundant becomes little
Its affection dies out and its pleasures perish

Therefore, wake up! May Allah grant His Mercy to you. Wake up from your sleep and be alert from your slumber, before it is proclaimed that so-and-so has become ill or her movements have become heavy. Are there guides who lead to the cure and direct to the healer then? The doctors will be summoned for you; they will render your recovery as unlikely. It will then be claimed that so-and-so has counted her wealth and wrote her will and testament. It will be said that her tongue has become heavy and so, she does not speak to her sisters or know her neighbours. Then, your forehead will become sweaty and your signs of pain continuous. You will feel certain that death is approaching; your eyelids will become heavy, your doubts will turn to certainty, your tongue will mumble, and your brethren will weep for you. You will be told that this is your mother and this is your brother, but you will not be able to speak, nor will your tongue be able to move. Then the appointed destiny will overtake you and your soul will be detached from your limbs and ascended to heaven. Your brethren will now gather round you, your shroud will be brought, your body, washed and wrapped. Those who used to visit you will cease to do so and those who envied you will put at rest their enviousness. Your family will direct their attention to your wealth, whilst you will be tied to your actions. Beware of this end, Beloved Sister! What have you prepared for that day? Are you ready for that journey? Here we are! We are being heralded every day that it is time to leave, so may Allah grant His Mercy to those who stand up, obey and prepare for the day when they will leave this arena forever. Where are We, My dearest Sister? Where are we compared to what al-Qa'qa' described: "I have been preparing for death for the past thirty years."

We are in this life to perform righteous deeds, yet we fall prey to laziness. When will we work then ... After Death? In the GRAVE?  We still have time and a chance to seek and gain repentance and become active worshipping Allah.

Death has spoiled the life of those who indulge in delight
So seek a delight that does not end by death (Paradise)

Look to tomorrow and contemplate the nearness of your death and the fewness of your righteous deeds. A wise man once said: "Beware of death in this life, before you end up in a life that you wish would end in death, but will not." Dearest Sister, there is no escaping from death. If you stand in its path, it will take you, and if you run from it, it will still take you. So seek safety fast, for there is a vigorous seeker pursuing you: The Grave.
Beware of its smallness,
Verily the grave is either a ditch from the ditches of the Fire or a garden from the gardens of Paradise,
Verily the grave speaks thrice each day, and proclaims:
"I am the House of Darkness,
"I am the House of Worms,
"I am the House of Loneliness."
Verily what comes after that is a day in which the baby turns white haired and the adolescent becomes drunk,
Verily what comes after that is even more severe,
A Fire whose heat is intense,
Whose bottom is far down,
Its adornments are iron bars with sharp heads for punishment,
Its water, puss.
And its keeper is Malik, who does not have mercy in him. Think now about the fear that will overcome your heart when you see the Sirat [the bridge over the Hellfire] and realise its thinness.
Then your sight will fall on the darkness of Jahanam under the Sirat,
Then your hearing will pick on the sound of the fire's flames.
You will be required to pass over the Sirat,
Even though you are weak, and your heart is shaking,
Your feet will tremble and your back will feel the burden of all your evil deeds. Remember the saying of al-'Ala ibn Ziyad: "One of you should consider that death has come to him, and that he asked Allah for respite and He gave him respite. So let him use this time working in Allah's obedience." Sell your current life for your latter life - and you will win both,
Do not sell your akhirah for this life, for you will lose them both,
The period of your stay is short, and the righteous ones went away before you,
So what are you waiting for?
Do you wait your turn?
By Allah, it is about to come. Dearest Sister, do not be misled by health, strength, well being, youth and the deceptive words of your companions. Death might strike you all of a sudden, even though you do not anticipate it’s coming to you soon, thinking it’s still far away, until its arrows strike, and its agonies become due. How many persons start a day, but do not finish it?
How many hope for tomorrow but do not live to reach it? No person feels fear today, but will be safe tomorrow on account of his drawing lessons and performing good deeds during their life. We are living in a life which Allah bestows on us favours, day and night, night and day, but we are wasting our life in other than what we were created for. This is why when death comes to some of us, we will beg of Allah: "My Lord! Send me back!" So why should you go back and return?
"So that I may do good in that which I have left behind?" That Day has not come yet.
Therefore why do you not perform good deeds whilst still able to do so and while healthy, since that Angel of Death has not come to you yet. Then weep for yourself, before you are wept for,
Compel yourself to perform acts of obedience before you are carried on people's necks,
Hold yourself accountable before you are held to account. A reminder for myself first, then for you. Your sister,

"I am amazed at he who knows death is certain, yet he laughs
I am amazed at he who knows that the Fire is true, yet he rejoices
I am amazed at he who witnesses how life changes the condition of the people, yet he feels safe
I am amazed at the one who knows that Qadr is true, yet he tires himself, vigorously seeking the bounties of life"



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