$50,000+ Salvation after Tsunami

In a feverish fund raising effort, Minhaj Welfare Foundation ' an international charity organisation homed in Nelson ' launched an emergency Appeal and has raised in access of '50,000 for providing relief support to the victims of the Tsunami Earthquake.

After a vigorous advertising campaign, door-to-door collections, and a variety of other fund-raising activities, the raising of '50000 will undoubtedly offer some hope to a devastated Continent. Our volunteers who have worked round the clock throughout the campaign without remuneration,under the guidance and supervision of Managing Director Shazad Shaffi, have offered such dedication and commitment to the cause readily and voluntarily that is unparalleled, making them a true reflection of humanitarianism.

5 of these volunteers will embark on a 10-day mission to Indonesia to coordinate and oversee the effective, efficient and instant administration of aid in the hardest hit areas of Aceh. This challenging yet necessary journey will begin on 27 January 2005, concluding on 8 Feb 2005.

'Our whole-hearted and immeasurable thank you to all who have donated generously to the Tsunami Appeal, thereby extending a lifeline and hope to those across the shores.'

Shazad Shaffi
Managing Director
Minhaj Welfare Foundation