Daily lectures of Shaykh-ul-Islam on ATV and QTV

Accompanied with the beginning of the great month of Ramadhan is the great news of the lectures of Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri being shown daily on ATV, QTV and Labbaik TV. This is the first time that these channel are airing the lectures of Shaykh-ul-Islam on a daily basis and what better time to begin this than the Holy month of Ramadhan.

Previously QTV and Labbaik TV aired one lecture of Shaykh-ul-Islam a week, but due to the great demand from their viewers to have daily lectures of Shaykh-ul-Islam, this surely is a great Ramadhan gift they have given to their viewers.

ATV is one of the channels available in Pakistan using the Ariel like PTV1 and PTV2. Now Pakistanis up and down the country who do not have access to cable will be able to listen to daily lectures of Shaykh-ul-Islam.

QTV is viewed in Pakistan and South Asia on cable and in over 130 countries. It now has a separate beam for UK and Europe.

Labbaik TV is viewed in Pakistan, South Asia and the Middle East on cable.

The timings of the lectures are:

1. ATV 10:30 PM Pakistan Everyday
2. QTV 5:30 PM UK Everyday
  Midnight UK (Repeat) Everyday
  6:30 AM UK (Repeat) Everyday
  6:30 PM Europe Everyday
  1:00 AM Europe (Repeat) Everyday
  7:30 AM Europe (Repeat) Everyday
  8:00 PM Pakistan Everyday
  8:00 AM Pakistan (Repeat) Everyday
3. Labbaik TV 1:30 PM Pakistan Everyday
  After Fajar Adhan Pakistan Everyday

Lectures of Shaykh-ul-Islam are also shown every Saturday and Sunday on Prime TV.

Lectures of Hassan Muhy-ud-Din Qadri, President Supreme Council MQI will be shown on PTV Prime every day at 4.00 AM UK time (5.00 AM EU Time).

Report by:
Jawed Iqbal Tahiri


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