Minhaj-ul-Quran International Holds World Mawlid Conference 2007

Reported by : M S Pakistani
Translated by : Hafiz Ali Akbar Alvi (Minhajian)

  1. 1.There were four doors to enter into the spot
    • Gate No.1 for VIPs
    • Gate No.2 For women
    • Gate No.3 and 4 for regular public
  2. There were five check posts to ensure sound security after the main entrance of each gate.
  3. A huge crowd gathered at the VIPs gate and the mangement was faced with the problem to tackle the situation.
  4. Bashir Ahmad Qadri and Hafiz Ali Akbar Alvi were there to give a warm welcome to VIPs on behalf of Minhaj-ul-Quran International.
  5. There were thousands of policemen round the iron fences of the ground and inside of it the young men and volunteers of youth league and Mustafvi students movement were extending their duties fto ensure profound security
  6. Due to a heavy crowd of people at the gate No.4, there were many queues of people to get into the main venue.
  7. Women volunteers were appointed at gate No.2 to ensure the security of women.
  8. A large number of people continued to stand at the gate No.4 for a chance to get into one way or the other but without any success.
  9. The cars of VIPs were stopped before the main venue.
  10. Many personnel of secret agencies and volunteers of Minhaj-ul-Quran International were employed to avoid any unfavorable tragedy.
  11. The guests started arriving at 9’O Clock at night.
  12. Dr. Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi continued to check the security arrangements himself at different occasions.
  13. The main stage was divided into four parts.
  14. On the right of main stage, there was a lounge for journalists and TV reporters.
  15. Next to them, there were beautiful chairs with white covers for VIPs guests.
  16. The personnel of Eliot and Special Forces were seen around the stage at about 10’O clock.
  17. The women kept on raising the flags of Minhaj-ul-Quran International and Green and Yellows flags and buntings to express their excitement and joy on the arrival and birth of the Holy Prophet (SAW).
  18. The ways leading to the main gates were decorated with multi-colored and fanciful lights.
  19. Minaar-e-Pakistan was also decorated like a bride.
  20. The people were waiting anxiously for their beloved leader Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri to come.
  21. There was a special place for VIPs women and about 50 chairs with blue covers were set for them.
  22. Women who came to attend the world Milaad Conference were equal in number to men.
  23. The whole ground was crowded with the people before 10.PM and at 11PM all the gates were closed.
  24. Both the women and men were holding many bunches of balloons in their hands.
  25. The whole ground was fenced with tents.
  26. Beside the stage, Minhaj Ambulance and Rescue1122 was ready to cope with any unwanted situation.
  27. On the left of stage, there was particular enclosure for ARY and Q TV for live coverage of the programme.
  28. ARY also sought technical help from Minhaj production for live coverage.
  29. The stage was decorated with flags, flowers and many other magnificent things.
  30. On the eastern side of stage there were special posts of security forces.
  31. Shaykh Rashid bin Muzraee and the scholars from Syria arrived at 11:23 Pm.
  32. The Programme started with the recitation of the verses from the holy Quran.Qari Karamat Ali with his magnificent voice opened the ceremony with recitation of the holy Quran followed by Naats.
  33. The Scholars from Arab were brought to stage with full protocol and among security personals.
  34. Sahabzada Hassan and Hussain Mohiyyudin were along with Shaykh-ul-Islam. When they appeared on the stage all the people welcomed warmly, chanting slogans and waving their hands to them. Shaykh –ul-Islam also responded the people with smile and waving his hands.
  35. More than two dozens of journalists and camarmen kept on taking the poses and snaps of him for fifteen minutes.
  36. Sahabzada Hussain Mohiyyadin and a religious scholar from Iran was sitting next to Shaykh-ul-Islam on his left
  37. Shabzada Hassan Mohaiyyudin and Shaykh Rashid bin Almuzraee was sitting on the right side of Shaykh-ul-Islam.
  38. Minhaj Naat council and Sarwar Siddeque continued to recite Naats after different pauses.
  39. After the arrival of Shaykh-ul-Islam, his personal guards took over the charge of security of stage and its surrounding.
  40. There were four guards empolyed behind Shaykh-ul-Islam’seat.
  41. The honorable guests who held their chairs on the stage were Chun Peer Qadri, Sahabzada Miskeen Faiz-ur-Rehman Durrani, Ali Ghazanfar Qarrarvi ,Agha Murtaza Poya, and Shaykh-ul-Hadith Moulana Abdur Rehman Asharfi along with Shaykh-ul-Islam.
  42. Nazim-e-Aala invited Minhaj Naat Council to present Naat.
  43. Minhaj Naat Council, Mohammad Afzal Noshaee, Qari SaeedAhmad Baghdadi, Shehzad Ashique, Mohammad Sarwar Siddique were present beside the dias.
  44. Due to a vast majority of guests attending, management had to deal with the shortage of space
  45. Women read 20 Crore Durood Sharif during the whole year.
  46. Hafiz Saeed Ahmad Baghdadi invited Sheikh Rashid Bin Sultan for speech.
  47. The men sitting in soiltude for the recitation of Durood Sharif were offered the space opposite to the stage and infront of both men and women.
  48. Al-Shaykh Rashid Bin Sultan delivered his speech in Arabic.
  49. Bilal Mustafvi invited Agha Murtaza Poya to deliver his speech at 11:55.
  50. His Speech was the shortest only consisted on four and half minute.
  51. Nazim-e-Ala repeatedly requested the audience to remain seated in their anticipation to get closer to QH
  52. All the ways leading to stage were carpeted.
  53. Abdul Hamid Khaksar , the founder of Khaksar movement arrived at the stage at 12:08.
  54. Shaykh-ul-Islam welcomed him enthusiastically.
  55. Nazim-e-Aala congratualed the heads of all the departments for the efforts to arrange such a beautiful and successful Milaad Confrence.
  56. Nazim-e-Aala welcomed twelve thousands people had joined Minhaj-ul-Quran International recent months
  57. Nazim-e-Aala stirred the people chanting Slogans of Inqlab Inqlab Mustafvi Inqlaab and Jurrat-o-Bahadri Tahir-ul-Qadri
  58. VIPs women attended the confrence along with their children.
  59. Bilal Mustafvi told the audience that the whole ground was crowded and people are standing on the roads near Badshahi Mosque.
  60. The proframme was also telecasted by UK Radio.
  61. Qari Allah Bukhush Naqshbandi was invited for the recitation of the Holy Quran for regular live coverage of Programme.
  62. There was arrangment of refreshments for volunteers employed for the cause of security.
  63. The represtatives of different TV Channals continued to arrive for recording and they were issued special cards.
  64. opposite to Minaar Pakistan, Historical Mosque known as Badshahi Masjid was presenting a fanciful view.
  65. Shaykh-ul-Islam garlanded the honourable guests to welcome them specially Moulana Abdur Rehman Asharfi.
  66. Some of the photographers were making snaps of the whole gathering from the third floor of Minaar-e-Pakistan.
  67. Shaykh-ul-Islam was stirring the people raising and waving his hands in the state of ecstacy while Minhaj Naat Council was presenting Naat.
  68. Shaykh-ul-Islam welcomed Peer Qamar Sultan when he came along with many religious scholars.
  69. Al-Shaykh Sayyad Ammar-ul-Hateem addressed the audience in arabic at 12:58.
  70. Anwar Akhtar Advocate invited Sahbzada Hussain Mohiyyudin and he delivered his eloquent speech in English.He siad in his speech that Minhaj-ul-Quran is promoting the glorious values of Islam like peace ,harmony ,and tolerance.
  71. Shaykh-ul-Islam told the people to sit with reverence and respect because the gathering they are attending is not a simple one and receiveing directly the blessings from Madina, the Holy City of Madina.He aslo urged the people toobserve and maintain discipline.
  72. Sahabzada Hassan Mohiyyudin delivered his speech in arabic .He shed light on the obedience of the Holy Prophet (SAW)
  73. There was a digital Screen to present the programme live and make better view of stage for the people sitting away from the stage.
  74. When Sahabzada Hassan Mohiyyadin finished his speech and returned back to his seat all the honourable guests hugged and emraced him.they congratulated him for his address.Shaykh-ul-Islam also kissed his forehead and appreciated him the most.
  75. Sayyad Ali Raza Gillani, Provincial Minister of Housing scoities and Peer Saeed-ul-Hassan Shah, religious minister of Punjab arrived .Shaykh-u-Islam welcomed them with open arms.
  76. Shaykh-ul-Islam’s brother Mr.Tariq Qadri also was among the honorable guests on the stage.
  77. Shaykh-ul-Hadith Molana Abdur Rehman Ashrafi invited Shaykh-ul-Islam for his Speech.
  78. All the audience stood up chanted slogans to welcome Shaykh-ul-Islam.
  79. The weather was very pleasant and cool breeze started to blow when Shaykh-ul-Islam had strated his speech.
  80. More than two dozens policemen arrived round the stage for security When Shaykh-ul-Islam Started making his Speech.
  81. Peer Sayyad Nobahar Shah and Peer Bilal Shah from Ajmair Sharif India specially came to attend the confrence.
  82. Shaykh-ul-Islam in the beginning of his speech, appreciated Q TV and ARY for their efforts to promote Islam.
  83. Shaykh-ul-Islam delivered a lecture on the Word Mohammad (SAW)
  84. Shaykh-ul-Islam, explained how the name 'Muhammad' (SAW) has all other names in it, as he spelt out the name 'Muhammad' (SAW), Allah (SWT) wrote the name 'Muhammad' (SAW) in the sky, beside the moon. Thousands of people were witness to this blessed moment and thousands of people around the world witnessed this moment live on ARY Digital. Shaykh-ul-Islam himself was not aware of this occurrence; Nazim-e-Aala Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abassi notified Shaykh-ul-Islam moments later.
  85. Shaykh-ul-Islam recited “TALA AL BADRO ALAENA” in his melodoious voice.
  86. After the Speech of Shaykh-ul-Islam,Minhaj Naat Council recited Durood-o-Salam.
  87. Then Shaykh-ul-Islam urged the people not to miss their morning prayer and he prayed for perfect faith and blessing of the audience, the Muslims, and the members of Minhaj-ul-Quran and in this way wonderful conference came to an end.

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