Shaykh-ul-Islam’s Interview on QTV

Translator: Hafiz Ali Akbar Alvi (Minhajian)

Guest: Shaykh-ul-Islam, Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
Host: Tasleem Ahmad Sabri

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: Honorable audience! At last much awaited moments have arrived and it has been both our and your ardent desire that you had been expressing through e- mails that we should call Shaykh-ul-Islam here in this very programme and at last we have him here before us. So it is a matter of profound privilege and honour for all of us to have our beloved and reverend personality here. We have the man with us who is known for spreading love of the Holy Prophet (SAW) round the globe. There is no need for any introduction. He is Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, an uncontested scholar of international repute.

We are really thankful to you that you privilege this programme and all of us. It has been our fervent desire and the desires of people as well, that you honour us to be with us here in this programme.

Shaykh-ul-Islam: Due to hectic routine it had not been possible to spare time but today I am here with you.

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: keeping in view the format of the programme…. would you please tell me what were the circumstances in which you spent your childhood?

Shaykh-ul-Islam: The situations in which I spent my childhood were religious, spiritual and literary in nature, My father (may Allah bless his soul), by profession, he was a physician but besides that he was a veteran scholar, and he was considered an authority of his time in classical and Arabic knowledge, along with that he had been one of the favourites of Allah Almighty and enjoyed a good spiritual position. I would talk about him later if there will be any question about him. And then my respected mother was also a noble lady and due to them, the circumstances at home we had was rich in knowledge, etiquettes, morality, religious values and as he was a doctor by profession that is why there was a broad sense of modernity and modern knowledge. The situation I had got was highly favourable for character building of a multi- dimensional personality.

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: Dr. Sahib! Whenever someone talks, his facial expressions speak far better than his words about his inward feelings. The way you are talking about your childhood, about your parents with profound love and deep affection, it all reveals your cherishing and golden memories of childhood. Definitely, they had profound influence upon you even today but I would like to ask how much childhood is important in man’s life.

Shaykh-ul-Islam: Sabri Sahib, as a matter of fact, Childhood! It is not only important, it is more than important. You see after birth about 10 to 12 years are very decisive years in someone’s life and for his future development and career. Of course, every child attains some potential genetically from Allah Almighty whatever he is supposed to have, but then the atmosphere in which he is to build, nourish and grow that potential and develops his inclinations matters the most. For example I tell you one thing, I do not remember, it goes far back to my childhood, if my father told me to offer even my five daily obligatory prayer, even late night prayer (Tahajud). I started offering my daily prayers myself due to the spiritual circumstances I had by the blessing of Allah Almighty, in the age in which we do not have any sense the reason why someone weeps sitting on prayer- mat or why he moans, in such a young childhood, when my father daily used to weep, sigh and supplicate to Allah Almighty, then he used to read Qaseeda Burda Sharif, Qaseeda Ghousia, and Dalailul khaerat, and Hisbulbahr by Imam Shazli, these were the things that attracted me the most. He never said to me that it is the time of prayer, so please get up. No he had his own way; he used to put warm water on the stairs and said, Son! I have put the water for ablution and when you offer your prayer, there is sweet and tea in your room so have them after your tahajud prayer; this was his way or you may say this was the environment that had influenced me and made me the man that I am today.

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: This is the thing I want to point out like the hot water at winter’s night. You see, it gets cold after a few minutes but how he was so sure that you would get up with a single utterance?

Shaykh-ul-Islam: I used to get up with the sounds of his steps before he uttered any word. This was the environment I would like to say that it is up to the parents what they want their children to become or they can make them what they want.

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: Dr. Sahib when we enter into the college, university, the environment totally changes. When we come out of our homes, we find new friends, new colleagues, we go to the play ground for games as Islam does not stop us going there. In childhood no matter, you enjoyed highly religious, intellectual and spiritual environment, but you had another world that can not be ignored. The question I want to ask is, how much did college and university environment influence your life?

Shaykh-ul-Islam: from childhood till the end of student life, in my life, two channels continued simultaneously. Neither of the two were alienated from each other. My father had one concept, he used to visualize my future undertakings, my internationally acclaimed services for Islam, what subjects are needed, what arts are required, in what branches of knowledge I should be adept in, and the balance and harmony required for the true perception of religious knowledge, to eliminate extremism from my thoughts, at home the environment I had enjoyed was enrich in knowledge, on the other hand I had been admitted to an English medium school so that I might be good at worldly knowledge, and fluent in English Language, at school I used to wear English uniform but as soon as I got home I used to take that off and wear Shilwar and Kameez and cover my head with a cap. As for religious environment I do not remember the time when I started my mid -night prayer, it was early childhood before adulthood, I started my daily five prayers, dawn (Ishraq) and post -dawn(Chasht) and Awwabeen prayers. These things had been given to me as infant feed. My father had been extending his services as a doctor at a rural health centre that was 30 miles away from Jang Saddr, then I started college, got admission at GOVT College Faisal Abad, it was 48 kilometers away from my home and it becomes about 96 kilometers if we count both sides that I used to travel daily. He used to teach me religious subjects i. e. Morphology, syntax, logic, Hadith, principles of Hadith, Islamic jurisprudence and principles of jurisprudence and then in the same was rhetoric, communication, all these classical sciences from Asar till 11’o Clock. After Tahajud prayer I used to go to the bus station by foot for New Khan bus to get to college and offered my Fajr Prayer at the mosque near the bus station, that was close to washer men workshop, and at Zuhr, the last class had been for Urdu, as my Professor knew that I did not have any problem in Urdu, allowed me to leave early, before that I used to avail recess and managed to come back at noon, I used to travel 160 kilometers daily for two years because I didn’t want to have any break –down or pause in my religious studies along with college education. Then I joined the University of Punjab, when I did my B. A. in 1970, during the summer vacations I used to go to Moalana Abdul Rashid Rizvi, and other scholars at Jamia Quttbiya for religious studies and used to study regularly for 18 hours, and during the other days, my father used to teach me by himself, in 1970, in the same year along with my B. A., I completed Dora-e-Hadith. I started Dars-e- Nizammi in 1962, it took me 8 years to complete the course. My father started teaching me but for regular education, my father took me to the holy city of Madina, to Molana Zia uddin Madani (may Allah rest his soul in peace) I stared my regular education in his guidance. My very first teacher was Molana Zia uddin Madni who set me on my way to education. There was a school entitled Mudrasa tul Uloom-e- Islamia in front of the Green Dome of the Holy Prophet (SAW). It was in that era, now it has all been included in Masjid-e-Nabvi. There was a lane known as Bahishti Lane that after a little turn leads to Janat -ul -Baqeh. We had our home there, on the right of the final resting place of the Holy Prophet (SAW), there was Mudrasa tul Uloom Islamia where I got my early education, both the channels continued simultaneously. When I completed B. A I completed my Dora –e- Hadith; then I went to the University of Punjab for M. A. and law so it had been a period of four to five years, after I completed Dars-e- Nizami. Then I continued to go to Hizb- ul-Ahnaf for four years to attend Molana Sayyad Ahmad Qadri’s lectures so that I don’t lose my interest in it and for continuity of knowledge. I also used to go to attend the lectures of many other well known religious scholars to upgrade and update my knowledge.

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: I want the people to know many aspects of your life. As you told that you had been a very good student, good at religious studies, the people will think that it is very difficult to manage like that, every one can not work so hard as you did, verily to become Tahir-ul-Qadri we need extensive labour like this but everyone can not be like you so how can it be possible for the people, any short cut? One thing is knowledge and the other is its expression to others, how do you pour your knowledge into the minds of people, we see there are many Scholars with too much Knowledge but how did you learn the art of speech and communication. When a historian would write about the best orators or prepare a catalogue of best speakers, he would not be able to ignore you in world history, in the history of Pakistan, in Islam, how did you learn the art of speech?

Shaykh-ul-Islam: There are many factors behind it. The very first among them is my revered late father who himself was a very good orator. Besides that he was well-known and veteran scholar, poet and phonetician and syntactical expert. He got all his education in Lucknou and Haider Abad Ducken. So I would like to say it is inherited. The people who heard him were of the view that he had been an enthusiastic orator. So I received this art from my father, and if you want to ask me if I had any regular diploma or certificate, I say I never read any book on this art. Neither do I have any particular teacher, nor have I learnt it. The thing that is more important to mention in this regard is the special favour of Allah Almighty who gave me the very command over this art. Whatever you see or you take the impression from me is only the special favour of Allah Almighty. I do not have any other answer to it. There are two courses that lead towards attaining that favour, one of which I would not like to talk about, but one of them is the blessings of the Holy Prophet (SAW) and the other channel is Hazrat Ghous-ul-Azam Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jillani’s spiritual lead and guidance. These are the two channels from where I have got and get every thing. I firmly say what ever I have got; I got from these two exalted figures. My personal efforts are not so inspiring; the only thing is Allah’s special kindness and compassion.

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: May Allah continue to shower his unfathomable blessings upon you. Amin! Dear audience! We have got a call…the first caller; let us see who is there on the line? Assalam-o-alaekum, who is there and where are you from?

Caller: This is Sajjad Qadri from Madina Munawwara.

Shaykh-ul-Islam: Masha Allah, we have got very first call from Madina, it is really matter of great honour for both of us.

Caller: please give my compliments to Dr. Sahib and here we have got Younus Qadri, he is very fond of Shaykh-ul-Islam, he is our brother, when Dr. Sahib visited Madina Sharif, my friend saw him but unfortunately I could not see Shaykh-ul-Islam.

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: please ask your question.

Caller: I do not have any question to ask I just want to say to Shaykh-ul-Islam that when he visited the holy City of Madina, he did not see us. I am angry with him.

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: laughing that is not fair. The people from Madina Sharif should not be angry. You should not be angry.

Shaykh-ul-Islam: He did not have a chance to see but the truth is that, he would be hearing whenever I visit the holy city, I try mostly not to see people and try to get closeness for whom I am there to visit. If we are to carry on meetings and appointments in Madina, then there is no use of visiting Madina.

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: most of the visitors have learnt the noble practice like this from the men of excellent virtues.

Shaykh-ul-Islam: If you give people a chance to meet, and then you know, people from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh form a huge gathering and a vast majority of them assembled round you. It does not sound well to practice these things on that holy land; it is against the principle of love and reverence. You should try to be like a beggar, a supplicant there, in the court of the Holy Prophet (SAW). Keeping these things in mind, I try to avoid seeing people, and if any one does not have a chance, I am extremely sorry for that, I am compelled to act like that in Madina but I am sorry.

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: the people from Madina should not be angry because if they get angry, it is unbearable for us. Dr. Sahib said himself sorry so you should not get angry.

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: you have written hundreds of books on different topics, delivered thousands of speeches on various subjects, world tours for the cause of Islam. Definitely, you have children, family, and relatives. Besides that, you have to sort out the things at Minhaj-ul-Quran International with a broad network. How do you mange the time? We say we do not have the time. This is the case with everyone but please tell us? How do you mange time?

Shaykh-ul-Islam: as a matter of fact, we have become materialistic; we try to measure every thing on the scale of matter. But there had been the concept of heavenly favour, is and will been till the day of reckoning. That concept is the barakat. If we have limited resources and means, and if you enjoy the Divine blessings, you are quite contented. The same situation we bear in time, sometimes we enjoy that heavenly favour and sometimes we are deprived of it. Instead of giving too many examples I conclude only with two examples, there was a time when the people were very pious, with finest attributes who regard others, used to feel for others, they have love and affection for one another, and they were quite free from the evils of envy, hypocrisy and jealousy, they used to have fair and legal meals, they used to lead all of their life being very much contented with fair and legal earnings. They had very few means for a big family. There had never got any complaints about limited means but now within thirty years, rather short span of time, the means and resources of people have increased more than hundred times as compared to the means their forefathers used to have, unlimited means but irregardless of all these, their problems are still ravaging them to the maximum. It seems as if, they accept dearness, and increase in the prices of things, but they do not enjoy contentment, real peace and satisfaction. Due to our misdeeds and evil practices, we have been deprived off that Divine favour. I tell you, I started writing books in 1972. Actually the first book I wrote was Al-Arbaeen fi Fazaeley Nabiyil Amin, when I had been doing my masters, but the 2nd book entitled “Nizam-e-Mustafa” I wrote in 1978, I started writing other regular books in 1981. From 1981 till 2007, it has been almost 25 or 26 six years, I completed 1000 books on different subjects, out of them, by the grace of Allah Almighty 400 books have been published and are available in the market. These books are not like a pamphlet these books are of heavy volume, here is book before you Seerat ur Rasool (SAW) then there is the translation of the Holy Quran, Seerat –ur- Rasool consists of 14 volumes, the prologue and preface is of two volumes.

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: I want you to please tell us in few words, if you do not mind we should attend the call, Assalam-o-Alaekum, Who is there please and where are you from?

Caller: Walaekumusalam, I am from Gouva India, I want to give my compliments to Shaykh-ul-Islam, to you as well I have succeeded to be on line after many days, so I say Salam to you as well. Your discourse we like very much.

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: thank you very much sister. Please, ask the question.

Sister on the line: We see Hazrat’ programme with tremendous fondness and all of our family as well, their speech touches the chords of our hearts and exercise huge influence upon us, words are not suffice to say what I want. Please pray for us, for our faith and goodness.

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri : thank you very much sister for your call, you placed a call from India, thank you very much

After a pause

We had been talking about time management and Dr. Sahib is in the right to say that due to our evil practices and misdeeds we had been deprived of Barakat.

Shaykh-ul-Islam: as far as time management is concerned, every one tries his utmost to do well with it, I also put effort in this regard and did through out my life but I try to do like this, that for six months during the winter, I work till the morning prayer, then after morning prayer I take a rest for a few hours and then set on my work sharp at twelve. Then I work along with compulsory prayers and others nawafil, I study till next day morning, when the summer comes, and the days are rather longer than usually I take rest at night, and utilize the whole day. This is the management, I also make use of computers, my students, make them write some notes, and they jot them down. I utilize all means but the truth is that instead of all these means, the heavy volume of work I did, appear to be impossible, as it is hard to achieve all this within short span of time, as far as I am concerned I am nothing, I rightly consider myself a trivial, idle and helpless fellow. Once again I have the same answer that it is all because of Allah’s Special blessings and favour. Allah Almighty is the Creator of time and He is the Possessor of time. There are thousands of examples in the Holy Quran, in the canons of Ahadith, that he has the power to expand time for whom he wants, and he reduces it to nothingness for whom he wants. The miracles of the journey of the Holy Prophet (SAW) towards heaven is also the same thing. In a short span of time a long journey was completed. This is called Relativity of Time. The books dealing with spiritualism are marked with words like “Taey zamani” “Taey makkani” and “Taey lasani” to complete longer journey, or when many years of time rushed off within few seconds, or to convey too much within few words and the likes, appearance of throne of Hazrat Sulayman within a mere wink of any eye, if he wants to grant his special favour, and wants to give strength, and if he chooses someone for a particular purpose, he himself manages the time for him, and if he wants to snatch this blessing from some one, he will do if he wants to deprive someone of this blessing, then it will be this Tahir-ul-Qadri, I keep on doing well in management, but if he does not give me his hands, I would not be able to do any thing.

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: Dr. Sahib Irfan –ul-quran, books on Ahadith, books on Seerat-ur-Rasool(SAW), you wrote on the oneness of Allah, books on the legality of the birth of the Holy Prophet(SAW), books on economics, books on science, books on embryology and cosmology, on almost every topics you have written how are you familiar with so many subjects.

Shaykh-ul-Islam: there are almost 72 subjects on which I have written books.

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: Dr. Sahib! I have seen if a doctor, an engineer, chartered accountant or person from any department, he says Dr. Sahib has made us understand the things in our own language, what is all this

Shaykh-ul-Islam: (laughing) the real answer of all your questions regarding that, I have is that it is unfathomable blessings of Allah Almighty, I have delivered lectures to American Scientists at Maryland University, at Washington DC University, London University, in African Countries, I gave lectures to professors, religious scholars, I had question-answer session, had even with non-Muslims, thank Almighty Allah, I never got embarrassed slightly, for a single moment, I did not hesitate or linger for a moment to give answer. Allah almighty gives me the answer of every question, before it is asked.

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: Dr. Sahib, of course Allah and his Prophet’s favour is there, as you mention once and again having trust like that holds a tremendous place in Faith.

Shaykh-ul-Islam: (Cutting into) The place of hard work, you want to ask me is that, I have left no stone unturned, I gave an equal importance to modern sciences along with religious studies, if you visit my library, you will be stunned down to see, I can say even the professor who teach these subjects will not have the books which I have got, I always have latest books on every subject, I am used to dedicating one whole day for purchasing books when I tour the exodus lands for mission. I send 14, 14 cartons to Minhaj-ul-Quran head office, they are not only books on Arabic, Quran or Ahadith, there are the books on genetics, embryology, cosmology, on modern medical Sciences, astrophysics, space and astronomy, botany, on almost every topic. You may ask about the back ground it is a vision, Islam is not a religion like other religions, all other religions, like Hindumat, Hinduism, Confucius, Christianity, or Jewish religion, all these are religions, religion only addresses man’s relation towards God or God’s Relation towards man, addresses only the life in the world hereafter, and its concerns, spiritual aspects of life, Din does not only address religious aspects, Din addresses even secular life, political life, economic life, individual and collective life, national and international life, addressed to Muslims’ relations with non- Muslims, all the nations of the world, their political and economic affairs, War and Peace, and treaties. There is not a single issue that is out of the orbit or fold of Islam. The point I want to make and the message I want to declare to the whole world, to religious scholars and students studying Islam through your channel is that a person can not convey the message of Islam only studying Quran, Hadith, and Islamic Jurisprudence, he can deliver what the religion says, but he can not deliver the message of Islam. The message which the Holy Prophet (SAW) delivered was, “O people! I have been raised towards all of you as the Apostle of Allah. ” If any patient came to the Holy Prophet(SAW), the holy Prophet (SAW) used to treat him, the Hoy Prophet (SAW) would not say that he was the messenger, and can tell them the concerns of the world here after and can not treat them, he never said that he could not tell them what problem they had got, if a heart patient came, the holy Prophet (SAW) gave him the prescription of heart disease, if someone asked in another language, like the animals came with their own problems in the court of the Holy Prophet (SAW), they supplicated in their own language. The holy Prophet (SAW) was adept in linguistics. He did not learn these language at any Institute. A camel came when His Companions asked the Holy Prophet (SAW) what he had been saying. He replied that he was complaining against his owner who did not feed him well even in old age and wanted to slaughter him, in the same way goat and she-deer, there is Hadith-ul-Ghuzala (Deer), The exalted Companions asked, what she had been saying O Messenger of Allah. Now see the Holy Prophet (SAW) knew the languages of deer and birds, camels and many other animals, when he was asked about the deer He told them that she told him that she had got two children, they were hungry, please give my bail, she would return after serving her kids, I have given her bail. The Holy Prophet (SAW) has given a concept of totality, these are the miracles but the Din has given us the concept of totality, today the east and the west have come closer to each other and the whole world has turned into a global village. This is the world of computer Sciences, there are tremendous developments in the world, there is rational development, cultural development, ecological development, medical aspects, and philosophical aspects. Today if a student of Islam wants to understand Islam, he should learn the other subjects like philosophy, logic, science and reason, and if a student without learning these subjects addresses the people he would appear ridiculous, he will bring a bad name to Islam, not for himself. The way my father trained me with the vision of totality, the wisdom behind that was global concerns. This is also the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW). I have tried my level most to explore and study deeply these subjects, as I have written books on Space and time, on Astrophysics, Expansion and creation of the Universe, on the Black Hole Theory, on Embryology, on Genetics System, Heart Diseases, I once again say that religious scholar should be with vast knowledge keeping in view the concept of totality.

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: I do not feel like bringing this discourse with you to end, I feel like continuing this conversation, but we have the problem of time, I want to ask two things, one is the question of common audience, how do you mange the affairs of your family when you have a hectic and tough routine life, having so many national and international visits, writing books and management, a heavy burden of works. Does your family remain angry with you for not giving them the time?

Shaykh-ul-Islam: By the grace of Allah Almighty my family and my off spring never got angry with me, they are so happy with me that no one can imagine it. It is true that I can not give them quantity of time, but I shower my unfathomable love upon them when I am with them so they forget the shortage of time, this is also the message for the world, there is a lesson in it, I never came back empty handed to my off spring, my family and even my far-off relatives. I always bring gifts and presents for them. I bring toys, clothes, chocolates of different flavours, I know what they want secondly they have a little time to spend with me but, they know that I am not busy in worldly affairs, I do not sit with them being a father, but as a friend. I play with them; when my sons Hassan and Hussain were kids or I have grandson Hammad, I in the posture of an animal walked on the floor and rode them on my back, I want to tell you that we should establish such type of relation during the available time that they may forget the shortage of time. This is also the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW). The Holy Prophet (SAW) used to walk in the streets of Madina with Hassan and Hussain on his shoulders. We should learn the deep message from the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: You have got a vast flood of lovers around the globe as you are spreading the love of the Holy Prophet (SAW) throughout the world, you preach this Divine message through electronic media, print media and utilize many other different means, keeping in view all these things what do you say about Q TV the way it is giving its supporting hand to you to promote Islam.

Shaykh-ul-Islam: Electronic media has its vital and very important role in the present era and the role played by Q TV to promote Islam and its noble values, and specially the love of the Holy Prophet (SAW) is really noteworthy. I would like to say its role is rather historical and a remarkable role. They are working 24 hours to do this noble work.

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: if you allow me, may I add one thing in it; you have worked on many channels of national and international repute, what is the difference you see between the other channels and Q TV?

Shaykh-ul-Islam: The primary difference I view is that QTV is working with a particular mission through out 24 hours, if you keep on watching this channel even for 24 hours, mothers, sisters, daughters watching, you do not fear that it would spoil their moral sensibility. This channel moulds and models the morality of people, there are many other channels, they have come up with good programmes as well as with many others, but there you are to sort out the programmes, you are to choose, what programme you are to watch with your family and from what programmes you are to keep your self away, but QTV has built up its own character, I say a unique character, and it is a big contribution in the promotion of Islam in present era, when obscenity is wide spread and Islamic values are at stake, inclinations and thoughts of people are going against spiritual aspect of life, in the name of modernity and fashion vulgarity is taking its firm roots, in these circumstances, a channel that is conveying one message in some way or other and more than that, doesn’t let the audience get bored, provides a variety, the way they are serving naats, I feel as if it is representative of the mission of Hazrat Hassan Bin Sabbit. The holy Prophet (SAW) told Hazrat Hassan bin Sabit (RA) O Hassan! Jibrael (Alaehissalam) will be on your back to support you as long as you continue to read Naat. The Holy Prophet (SAW) prayed for him (Allah Humma Ayyid berookhilquddas). If a person spends his resources and dedicates himself for the heavenly mission, Allah Almighty will extend his special favour and shower his unfathomable blessings on him.

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: Dr. Sahib! Who knows better than you or to whom I may ask this question in this era, at this time? What is the thing we are missing today in spite of Having the best Messenger, the best Book, the best Religion if we adopt it, we can come out of present ravaging crisis.

Shaykh-ul-Islam: if you allow me I would answer it in a single unit, but it has three components, the first thing is the love and obedience of the Holy Prophet (SAW). We have isolated and divorced love from obedience. The people who love do not appear to be the symbol of obedience, and those who try to display themselves as obedient have been deprived of love of the holy Prophet (SAW). Their hearts, their thoughts and visions are vacant and hollow. We are to gather, mix and mingle obedience with the love of the holy Prophet (SAW), bring them closer to each other. Secondly, we are to better our morality and adoration. Adoration and worship for Allah, the ethics and morality for his creation. We are too poor in morality; we don’t even bother to extend our smiles in our conversation or while talking to other people. We are envious to our fellows, we should bear this thing in mind that it does not damage the person being envied, due to having good moral values, the western have succeeded to reach higher than we at the present moment, though they are non–believers. We are to adopt moral values practically in our life, and thirdly we should spend almost all of our resources on acquiring knowledge giving it a top priority. Whenever I talk about knowledge, I mean totality of knowledge; I mean religious knowledge, scientific knowledge, social sciences and humanities, the classical and modern knowledge, the first message and the first revelation that reaches to the people of this planet was the message of knowledge. The first revelation was (Iqra bismey rabey kallazi khulq) “read in the name of your lord who…….. ” The first revelation was not about prayer, keeping fast, paying Zakat, and performing Hajj. All these decrees were delivered later. The first message was education, it is because when you open the door of education for yourself, you get vision, awareness, and your conscience is developed. So the Muslims should concentrate on acquiring knowledge, our youth should learn both the knowledge; they should study religion along with other scientific faculties, if they are going to be doctors, engineers, scientists, they should be well versed in religious studies as well. We need resolve the existing differences between secular, religious and spirituals knowledge. If we succeed to adopt three things, love and obedience, adoration of Allah Almighty and enjoying good moral values with the people in our surroundings, and knowledge both spiritual and secular, if we bring these three units closer and develop them to be one or change them as a whole, I think as a human being, as a Muslim, it will bring a big revolution in our individual, social, national and international life.

Tasleem Ahmad Sabri: Dr Sahib thank you very much you privileged this programme with your presence, dear audience I do not feel like ending this conversation with Shaykh-ul-Islam, the way he speaks with love and care, it is really inspiring, as I have told you before that when you are listening him you feel as if his words are for you. Allah Almighty has blessed him with this power and status in life. Dr Sahib! Thank you very much for your coming and giving honour and privilege to us.

He ends the programme with these lyrics presenting in the court of the holy Prophet (SAW)

Your existence is the cause of every light
Your name is the light of Dawn
Your remembrance is the end of my obedience.
Your grief gives us heavenly bliss
There were many other vocations and talks in the world,
We have attained bliss with your remembrance
Of course there is something in it.



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