Digging of Residential Block of Gosha-e-Durood Starts

Reported by: MS Pakistani
Translated by: Amanat Ali Chaudhary

The construction work of building of Gosha-e-Durood known as 'Minarat-us-Salam' is underway very speedily with work now getting started on the residential block for the residents of Gosha-e-Durood. With the digging of the foundations on the left side of Sale Centre and in the eastern side of Central Secretariat, work has formally been launched. Initially white marks have been identified for digging of foundations of residential block. Soil is being taken out with the help of cranes and shifted out with small trolleys. The gate facing the sale centre has been opened but people have been barred from using it. The internal door opening into the Rumi Hostel has also been closed for movement.

A heap of soil is still laying on the place of minarah of Minarat us Salam. The construction work is underway at this place. The large iron equipment has been moulded for this purpose. Shuttering with the iron rods has been done and this 'lenter' is being constructed with the help of heavy iron, cement and construction material. The big iron material for the 'lenter' of western wall of minarah of Minarat-us-Salam, which stood erect, has been folded and it is now covered up in the soil.

The taking out of soil with the crane started on December 5, 2007. Soil up to 10 feet of depth from the foundations being dug for residential block has been taken out so far. After completing this in a day, foundation stone will be laid for the construction of foundations. The construction work in the basement of Minarat-us-Salam is also moving forward. The water of winter rains is still lying on the upper part of Hall. It is presenting a scene of artificial water in the shape of beds. The construction of stairs leading to the hall is also being done and stairs from two sides namely western and eastern directions for entrance into the basement from the backside of hall of Gosha-e-Durood are also being built up. Two walls have also been built up along these stairs above the hall.

After the completion of digging of residential block, the construction of building will start. In the meantime Nazim-e-Ala Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi reviewed the construction work along with other senior members and expressed his satisfaction. The services of a team of expert engineers are also available from technical point of view and this team is busy in supervising the construction process day and night.



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