Sisters Spiritual Summer Training Course In Oslo

Venue:  Minhaj-ul-Quran International Oslo
Date:Every Sunday from 11am till 12pm
Teacher: Sister Noshaza Hussain
Books: Tasawuf ka amli dastoor, Al fayuzaat al-Muhammadiya, Tasawuf ki Haqeeqat. (books authored by Huzoor Shaykh-ul-Islam Doctor Muhammad Tahir - ul - Qadri)
Organised by : Minhaj-ul-Quran International, Women League Oslo

Alhamdulillah by the Grace and Blessings of Allah (Subhanahu wa taala) and His Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihi Wa Sallim)

Minhaj-ul-Quran International Women League Oslo has started a spiritual summer training course for women in Oslo.

Questions to be addressed in this training class

  1. What is the purpose of life in the light of The Holy Quran and Hadith?
  2. Are we progressing towards the goals and objectives outlined by Allah (swt) and His Beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw)? if not then why? What obstacles do we face which are hindering our progress?  
  3. How can we overcome these obstacles?
  4. What is Nafs-e-Amara in the light of The Holy Quran?
  5. What are the characterstics of Nafs-e-Amara?
  6. How can we reform our nafs (Tazkiya tun Nafs) in the light of  The Holy Quran and Hadith?
  7. What is the purpose of attending Al-Hidayah?
  8. Why is the company of a Wali (friend of Allah (swt)) important in the light of The Holy Quran and Hadith?
  9. What is the importance and significance of the company of Huzoor Shaykh-ul-Islam Doctor Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri?
  10. Is it possible to reform the nafs without the company of a Wali (friend of Allah (swt)). Nafs ki taraki (reform of nafs, self-reformation of the ill-commanding self).

    The purpose of the class is to prepare the sisters for the forthcumming Al-Hidayah, annual spiritual and educational retreat so that they may extract maximum benefit from the experience.

    In the first  3 lectures Sister Noshaza Hussain addressed the questions mentioned above in the light of The Holy Quran and Hadith, and she stressed upon what the purpose of life is granted by Allah (Subhanwhu wataala), as well as why we aren’t progressing towards that direction. Sister Noshaza Hussain stressed the importance of recognoition of the correct path, and mentioned that one can not correct oneself untill one dosen’t recognise whether the path is correct or false. She mentioned how it’s very important to be clear about the goals and objectives, and then made comparisons in regards to ones struggles in life so that tangible result’s may be attained. Only after one successfully recognises that he/she is treading the wrong path, can efforts be made to establish what factors hinder the path to success.

    During the lecture she mentioned that there are 3 enemies working against every human being. The first of these enemies is Nafs, the second is Satan and the third and final is Dunya. The emphasis In this particular session was to discuss the first enemy, Nafs. There are different stages of the Nafs, the first stage is Nafs-e-Amara as mentioned in The Holy Quran in Surah Yusuf. Nafs-e-Amara is the evil stage of the Nafs, and it’s very important to reform the Nafs in the light of The Holy Quran. For it is mentioned that those who don't struggle to reform themselves are in loss and those who struggle throughout the whole of their life to reform themselves of ill commanding desires are the people of success. The characterstics of Nafs-e-Amara were outlined in the class. The question regarding what the purpose of attending Al-Hidayah is was also addressed in class. Emphasis was placed on the fact that the reasons for attending Al-Hidayah wern’t merely to enjoy a picnic? nor that there will be an opportunity to sit in the company of a famous personality? nor that sins will be forgiven and subsequently people will have an opportunity to rid themselves of the hell, and gain entry to paradise as a reward for good deeds, nor that time will be consumed in attaining the knowl;edge of Islam? Instead there should be a desire to change the state of ones inner self for the sake of Allah (swt) and His Beloved Messenger (saw). One should keep in mind an intend to please the creator, and pray for an increment of the love of Allah (swt) and His Beloved Messenger Muhammad (saw).

    There was particular emphasis placed upon the importance of adopting the company of a Wali (a friend of Allah (swt)) in the light of The Holy Quran and Hadith, as well as mention of the fact that reform of nafs is not possible without a spiritual guide. It is imperitive that one accesses the expertise of a teacher in order to obtain adequate knowledge of any given dicipline. In the same way one requires a spritual guide called a Shaykh, teacher or a Wali (i.e. a lover, Ashiq  of Allah (swt) and His Beloved Rasool (saw)) in order to reform the nafs. She highlighted how to recognize a Wali in the light of Hadith. She then went on to outline that  Al-Hidayah is  important because of the benefits of the company of Huzoor Shaykh ul Islam Doctor Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri, and delivered a brief introduction to the life of Huzoor Shaykh ul Islam Doctor Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri, as well as his achievements to date and also made comparisons with the other Islamic organisations currently operating throughout the world.

    During the 4th lecture a cd of Huzoor Shaykh ul Islam Doctor Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri was shown. The subject was Nafs, Satan and Dunya Insaan Ke 3 Dushman  (a lecture delievered to the women on the occasion of Etikaaf 2006) which was a great source of motivation and inspiration for the sisters. This lecture has also been translated in the Norsk language by youth league, so that the young generation as well as non muslims can benefit.

    In the Next lecture akzar of the seven nafoos were tought, as well as the quantity. Zikr was taught in order to assist in the reformation of Nafs-e-Amara and to progress to Nafs-e-Mulhima.

    May Allah (Subhanahu Watala) bless Huzoor Shaykh-ul-Islam a long and healthy life, and may He guide us and strengthen our link with Shaykh ul Islam.

    Reported by: NH Qadri  (MWL Oslo)



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