The award of the title of Knighthood to Sulman Rushdee is a farce

The coronation of Sulman Rushdee awarding him the title of knighthood is nothing but a farce. The Minhaj ul Quran International strongly condemn this unwise decision of the British government and demand to withdraw it from the denigrator of the Holy Prophet and the declared and notorious antagonist of Islam. It is shockingly amazing that a person who has maligned Islam through his blasphemous book "satanic verses" is being so warmly welcomed and honored with such an award. Awarding and honoring the cursed man is in one sense playing with the emotions of the Muslims of the world in general and those of Europe in particular. The British Govt. being already aware of his denigration and blasphemy and the most condemnable act has done no service to humanity by awarding the denigrator the title of knighthood; she has rather widened the gulf between the east and the west and has tried to create serious unrest among the Muslims. The troublesome act is also bound to upset the interfaith harmony, ecumenism and the atmosphere of dialogue already in progress to promote tolerance and moderation in the societies round the globe. Had there been a little wisdom and concern for peace the decision-makers would have discerned the dark future and bleak probabilities which are now feared to emerge.

One just gets flabbergasted on this award of the title of knighthood. It has put the entire Islamic world in confusion and chaos all over the globe asking for fiery protests. Equally, the unwise decision has created innumerable problems for organizations actively engaged in the struggle to promote peace; the Minhaj ul Quran International in particular is an organization that is working for an ambitious program to promote tolerance and moderation and strongly discourage extremism and fanaticism that is already troubling the human societies. We are working to promote and propagate the true image of Islam, peace, tranquility and struggling to strengthen the ties between east and west. It is most unfortunate that the present act of the British Govt. has created such hurdles for the peace lovers that it would not be easy for the organizations like Minhaj ul Quran International to put the things in order which are busy in spreading the message of harmony and integration among the religions.

The statement issued by the religious minister of Pakistan regarding the permission of suicide attacks against the denigrator is equally unwise and unholy. Such statements can merely tarnish the image of Islam and the Minhaj ul Quran International takes an exception to it and consider it un-Islamic and therefore most undesirable. Issuing such statements at this critical moment when patience sobriety and prudence is needed, can only raise the militant trends that weaken the peace efforts and work for enlightenment and righteous decisions. We need to stick to the cause of peace, tolerance and moderation and exercise all our moral, diplomatic and political pressure to make the British government realize their wrong decision and make them withdraw it without delay. The Minhaj ul Quran International reiterates its call for peace and moderation and strongly demand that for the sacred cause of peace the British Govt must react positively to the situation and show the courage to rectify it and withdraw the title awarded to the denigrator of the Holy Prophet.