Quran, Hadith, Fiqah and Urdu Classes in Oslo

Courses: Darse Quran, Darse Hadit, Fiqah and Urdu Courses.
Vanue: Idara Minhaj - ul - Quran Oslo.
Timing: Darse Quran, Hadith and Fiqah course every saturday at 5pm til 7 pm.
Urdu course: Every sunday at 4.30pm til 6.30pm
Teacher: Director of MEC Respected Allama Noor Ahmad Noor.
Books:Irfan - ul - Quran, Minhaj - us - Sawi and Minhaj - ul - Masail.
Organised by: Minhaj Education Center Oslo

Allhamdulillah by the Grace of Almighty Allah (swt) and the blessings of his beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) and fayz of Hazoor Sheykh - ul - Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir - ul - Qadri Darse Quran, Hadith and Fiqah classes ( in which Irfan - ul - Quran translation of The Holy Quran of Hazoor Sheykh - ul - Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir - ul - Qadri , Minhaj - us - Sawi a great book of Hadith of Hazoor Sheykh ul Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir - ul - Qadri and Minhaj - ul - Masail a book of Fiqah written by Hazoor Sheykh - ul - Islam Dr Mohammad Tahir - ul - Qadri ) have been started under MEC Oslo for both men and women.

Director of MEC Respected Allam Noor Ahmad Noor himself is the teacher of the courses. A test takes place after the study of 1 month. These courses will end with the Dioplomas. A unique step towards the understanding of the Holy Quran and Hadith with word by word translation.

During the class he also provides necessary knowledge to root out misconceptions prevelant among our youth, safeguarding their Imaan from numerious attacks, and providing clearity and to eredicate confusions on issues facing Muslims and to prpogate close and sincere emulations of every aspect of the Holy Prophets life (saww).

In March 2007Alhamdulillah MEC has also started Urdu Classes for the youth.

The perpose of the class is to improve writing skills of the urdu language and to make them able to read urduIslamic literature and to listen and understand the lectures of Hazoor Sheykhu - ul - Islam Dr Mouhammad Tahir - ul - Qadri. The class will end with a diploma.

We are very thankfull to our respected Allama Noor Ahmad Noor for starting such classes, so we will be able to understand The Holy Quran with word by word translation and also with necessary explanations.

May Allah (swt) reward him abundantly. Amin

Reported by: Noshaza Khawar (Women League Oslo)