Organized in connection with the celebrations being held to mark the 57th birthday of Ambassador of Peace Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, hundreds of children participated in the peace walk in front of the Lahore Press Club under the banner of Minhaj Education Society. The children were carrying banners and placards bearing such slogans as 'save us from being orphan', 'stop massacre of humanity', 'stop terrorism', 'No to suicide bombing' etc. The children demanded of the powers that be to establish peace by freeing the pigeons at this occasion. Attended by the innocent children from various backgrounds, the walk represented the peaceful protest against the deteriorating law and order situation in the country. The unending spate of terrorist attacks, suicide bombings, robberies and kidnappings forced the children to come out on the street and register their protest. They also raised slogans in the favour of peace. A child was holding a placard, which read, "Peace is our right but when will we get it?" The children also sang a peace song in which it was demanded that the end to terrorism was possible through dialogue. The big powers should take recourse to talks not force to settle the issue of terrorism so that our planet should become the hub of peace.

The children also demanded of the government to take stringent steps for establishment of peace in the country so that they should be able to get education unhindered and play their meaningful role in the construction of the country.



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